Information and Data Security

All members of the UWM community are required to complete annual information security training, but the responsibilities of many Research Assistants are much greater. Research Assistants should understand a wider range of information and data security policies at UWM and how the data generated from research may be susceptible. In addition, Research Assistants are often responsible for maintaining more sensitive data, such as the private information of individuals in a research study, patentable research results, or information relevant to national security.

Research Assistants should always use university-provided email and lab-related storage (rather than personal OneDrive space) for all research-related activities. This ensures that basic campus-level data security processes are in place and ensures continued access to their work by the PI following the conclusion of their Research Assistant’s position.

Research Assistants also must learn to identify and describe the principles of information security and recognize common threats to information security. They also must use appropriate strategies to minimize information security risks in relation to research data, which may vary considerably depending on the nature of the research project. Supervisors may institute other data security requirements, such as restrictions on the use of email, rules related to the use of email attachments, or guidance on the appropriate use of USB flash drives. Research Assistants must be scrupulous in their observance of all data security rules. When in doubt about information security practices, Research Assistants should consult their supervisors.

For policies and training on information and data security, please see UWM’s Information Security website.