What is a Project Assistant?

A Project Assistant (sometimes called a “Program Assistant”) is a graduate student enrolled at UWM who is assigned to conduct training, administrative responsibilities or other academic or academic support projects or programs under the supervision of a member of the faculty or academic staff, primarily for the benefit of the university, faculty or academic staff supervisor or a granting agency. Project Assistants are employed in clerical, support or administrative functions that do not directly involve teaching or research.

Like other kinds of assistants, Project Assistants are eligible for tuition remission if they are appointed at 33 percent of a full time position or greater.

The work that Project Assistants do is highly variable. Some may work semi-independently and remotely on long-term projects. Others will report for regular shifts in offices, and fill roles such as front desk reception. Some will make use of their professional skills in their position, such as math student who assists with a statistical project. Others might work in more administrative roles, such as helping to organize events.

Unlike Teaching Assistants and Research Assistants, Project Assistants are paid hourly, and are required to submit a bi-weekly timesheet.

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