Students with Accommodations

The Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) is located on campus for students with disabilities. Any UWM student with a disability that restricts one or more of life’s major activities may benefit from ARC services. They work with students that have mobility, sensory, communications, mental, or learning differences, as well as those with basic health impairments. Students are eligible for services through ARC if they are enrolled in the university and can provide documentation of their disability.

Students may request and manage disability-related accommodations through ARConnect. Accommodations are designed to provide the student with an equal opportunity to participate in all educational activities. If Teaching Assistants have questions about how best to accommodate a student, they should contact their supervisor or program coordinator. Teaching Assistants can also contact ARC to help a student secure services.

Teaching Assistants are permitted to provide accommodations for disabilities that ARC has not approved but should treat students equally. Instructors should not be asking for or reviewing students’ medical records to make informal accommodations. If that seems necessary, instructors should refer students to the ARC.