Fraud and Fiscal Misconduct Reporting

It is important for UWM employees to be familiar with the university’s Fiscal Misconduct policy and to report suspected violations. Fiscal misconduct is defined as “a deliberate act or failure to act that is contrary to established laws, regulations or policies and which results or was intended to result in either loss or other damage to the State or the UW System or improper personal gain.” This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Theft, embezzlement, or misuse of cash, credit cards, equipment, or supplies
  • Misuse of university facilities and equipment, such as telephones, mail systems, vehicles or computers
  • Employee conflicts of interest or ethics violations involving the use of one’s public position for personal gain or advantage, such as contracts for outside services which benefit the employee and/or their immediate family
  • Improper handling or reporting of financial transactions
  • Bribery, kickbacks, and bid rigging
  • Travel expense fraud
  • Forgery, falsification, or unauthorized alteration of financial documents or records
  • Authorizing or receiving compensation for hours not worked or covered by appropriate and available leave

Graduate Assistants and all other members of the university community can report fraud or fiscal misconduct on the UWM Fraud Reporting Form.

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