Code of Conduct

Grievances and complaints about behaviors that are not covered by employment grievances, discrimination grievances, or sexual misconduct grievances generally fall under UWM Policy SAAP 7-3 Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct established a uniform set of standards that applies to professional conduct by all those acting on behalf of the university. It applies both to the conduct of Graduate Assistants and to those acting on behalf of the university who have interactions with assistants, such as assistants’ supervisors.

The Code of Conduct contains two sections. The first defines behavioral expectations and standards. The second addresses the UWM Respectful Campus Standards that prohibit all forms of bullying. See the separate section on bullying in this handbook.

Assistants who believe they have been mistreated by someone acting on behalf of the university in violation of the Code of Conduct should bring the matter to their supervisor or department chair. However, students also may start the process with a consultation with the Dean of Students at or by using the Report It! form.

Graduate Assistants should note that appeals of grades and other matters associated with graduate students’ coursework, exams, or other curricular matters fall under the Graduate School’s Academic Appeals process. There are also separate procedures for appeals of allegations of academic misconduct. See the Graduate Studies Handbook for more information.