Mandated Reporting

According to Wisconsin Executive Order #54, all University of Wisconsin System employees, including Graduate Assistants at UWM, must immediately report child abuse or neglect if, in the course of employment, an employee:

  • Observes an incident or threat of child abuse or neglect, or
  • Learns of an incident of threat of child abuse or neglect and has reasonable cause to believe that child abuse or neglect has occurred or will occur

Graduate Assistants should contact their supervisors if they encounter evidence of potential child abuse or neglect. The supervisor will help guide the assistant reporting the evidence through the necessary steps. Any suspected abuse (physical, sexual, emotional, or the manufacture of methamphetamine) or neglect of any person under 18 years of age must be reported to local law enforcement or a county social services agency. The Executive Order #54 toolkit with additional information is a helpful resource.

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