Classroom Safety and Emergencies

The Dean of Students and the UWM Police jointly offer instructor-focused campus safety training. In the past the training has focused on disruptive students, students in crisis, and what to do in the case of a violent incident. Such incidents are extremely rare, but UWM has the goal of providing this training to all faculty and instructional staff. Watch for campus announcements for training sessions in spring semester each year.

University and Safety and Assurances also provides information about emergency preparedness, including contact information for Emergency Medical, Fire, and life threatening situations. See the table below for details.

In addition, University Safety and Assurances provides Emergency Preparedness information about a range of scenarios, such as bomb threats, active shooters, and airborne chemical release.

Emergency Contacts
Emergency Medical, Fire, Life Threatening SituationsDial 9-911 from any campus phone
Dial 414-229-9911 from a cell phone
University Police Department
Student Health and Wellness Center414-229-4716
University Safety & Assurances414-229-6339
Facility Services
Building Emergency Services
414-229-4742 (day)
414-229-4652 (evening)
Dean of Students414-229-4632
S.A.F.E. Line
Harsh weather can occasionally force the cancellation of classes and public events. The university community can learn about cancellations by calling the S.A.F.E. Line (formerly the ‘Sno Joke line), as well as tuning in to local radio and TV broadcasts
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