Safety Resources

University Safety & Assurances

Location: Engelmann Hall 270

The Department of University Safety and Assurances at UWM seeks to promote a positive, campus-wide attitude of safety excellence. The department further includes services such as risk management, environmental protection, animal care program, and Institutional Review Board.

Be On the Safe Side

Be On The Safe Side (BOSS) is UWM’s late-night, non-emergency, safe ride service which provides safe transportation for students around campus and the surrounding areas.

UWM Police

The UWM Police Department offers protection, safety training, information, and services to the UW Milwaukee community.

Victim Advocacy Services

Survivor Support & Victim Advocacy Services provides free, confidential advocacy and support to UWM student victim/survivors of sexual assault, sexual harassment, dating violence, domestic violence and/or stalking.

Title IX Office

UWM’s Title IX Office receives reports of sexual misconduct involving the UWM community, coordinates supportive measures, provides information about response options, and conducts or oversees related investigations. All these duties are guided by a trauma-informed approach that also embraces principles of equity and ensures due process.

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