Teaching Assistant Training and Orientation

The type of training provided to teaching assistants is determined by each program, department, or college. Many of these trainings are mandatory and new assistants must attend them to retain their employment. If a Teaching Assistant has not been contacted about required training or orientations, they should reach out to their advisor or the administrator of their academic unit for additional information.

In addition to those trainings offered by academic units, UWM’s Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) hosts the New Teaching Assistant Orientation each year at the start of the fall contractual period, usually on the fourth Monday of August. This orientation includes a live virtual conference where new teaching assistants receive guidance concerning their duties and responsibilities, as well as information about available resources and services.

CETL New TA Orientation Topics Include:

  • Overview of TA responsibilities
  • Pedagogy- and technology-focused concurrent sessions (topics vary by year)
  • Inclusive pedagogy
  • How to support UWM’s international students
  • Overview of services and resources

Teaching Assistant should contact their academic advisor or department administrator to determine whether they should attend the CETL New TA Orientation.

Additional Training

In addition to the New TA Orientation, CETL provides programming and support related to teaching and learning for all instructors and graduate students. They offer extensive training in areas such as online teaching, classroom technology, multicultural inclusion and equity, course design, instructor mentoring, and much more. In addition, CETL consultants are available for one-on-one consultations in course design, and they maintain a large library of online resources.