“Navigate360” Advising Tool

UWM uses advising software called Navigate360 to support student success. Although most instructors will not use Navigate360, there are numerous Navigate360 processes that may require instructor participation. Two that are required by campus are:

  • Enrollment census (first two weeks of semester): All instructors will be asked to identify students who have not yet engaged in class so that campus can help provide outreach and support. This is also a good time for instructors to reach out to those students personally.
  • Progress reports: Instructors will receive a message from the Provost requesting submission of a mid-term progress report for all students. The reports are seen by students and advisors; there are also options for positive reports.
  • Ongoing reports: Instructors are welcome to log into Navigate360 at any time to submit information or concerns that may be relevant to the student’s performance in class or other university-related issues. With the consent of the student, an instructor may share information about challenges the student is facing personally or academically so that everyone involved in supporting the student’s success can coordinate their efforts.

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