Block 2 Session Descriptions and Presenter Bios

Below is a description of all Block 2 sessions, as well as a short bio of each presenter.
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Canvas 2  |  Advanced

Canvas 2 (Concurrent Session Block 2 – 12:25 – 1:40 pm)

Session Description and Learning Objectives

Full Session Description and Session Resources are available here
This second introduction to Canvas will prepare participants to teach with the following Canvas tools:

  • Rubrics
  • Quizzes
  • Groups
  • Pages
  • Attendance
  • Calendar

Presenter  |  Ed Price

Ed Price is a Teaching, Learning and Technology Consultant with the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. He really likes the Brewers and Bobbleheads. Ed Price


Teaching with Zoom

Teaching with Zoom 2 (Concurrent Session Block 2 – 12:25 – 1:40 pm)

Session Description and Learning Objectives

This workshop (a duplicate of that in Block 1) focuses on how to set up and facilitate synchronous online meetings using Zoom. By the end of the workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Set up Zoom meetings in Canvas
  • Configure Zoom settings
  • Download the Zoom app
  • Invite guests to present in Zoom
  • Set up audio and video
  • Share a presentation, application, files, and the desktop
  • Create polls ahead of a session
  • Create and conduct polls during a session
  • Facilitate breakout rooms for small group discussion
  • Manage participant permissions
  • Record and access recorded sessions

Presenter  |  Amy Mangrich

Amy Mangrich, Senior Instructional Design Consultant, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, and Senior Lecturer, Visual Arts. Her areas of interest include rich media, open educational resources, interactive learning materials, synchronous tools, and the pedagogy of online and blended courses. She is coordinating instructional design vendor alignment with campus standards for UWM’s Online Growth Initiative. Dylan Barth

Supercharge Your Classroom: Strategies for keeping students hooked

Teaching Focus 3 (Concurrent Session Block 2 – 12:25 – 1:40 pm)

Session Description and Learning Objectives

Calling all new teaching superheroes! Join us in this supercharged session and discover exciting ways to get your students fully engaged in their learning journey. We’ll equip you with awesome techniques to create a vibrant and inviting classroom where your students will be motivated, active, and totally into the subjects you teach! You’ll be amazed as you try out different strategies to level up your teaching skills and make your students’ educational experience epic.

Ready to level up your teaching game? Join us now!”

Upon completing this session, participants will:

  • Discover the significance of student engagement and its influence on learning outcomes.
  • Explore exciting techniques to fully engage students in the classroom.
  • Create a dynamic and inviting learning environment to foster motivation and participation.
  • Develop practical strategies to elevate your teaching and create an epic educational experience.

Presenter  | Maaly Omary

Maaly Al Omary is an ambitious linguistics doctoral student with a passion for education, research, and data analysis. She possesses a strong interest in languages, linguistics, human language technology, and AI, thriving in both team-based and individual settings. Maaly is a Ph.D. student in Linguistics at UWM. She has a Master’s in Linguistics and a Bachelor of Art in Modern Languages (French) from UWM and Yarmouk University, respectively.

Currently, Maaly is actively involved in research and projects aligned with her academic interests. She has completed a Doctoral Preliminary Examination focusing on Arabic Heritage Speakers’ Perception of Arabic Emphatic-Plain Contrasts and a Python programming language course for Natural Language Processing. Currently, she is working on her Doctoral Dissertation, investigating Arabic Heritage Speakers’ Acquisition of Arabic Emphatic-Plain Contrasts.

Maaly Omary

Failing Forward: Turning setbacks into opportunities for learning

Teaching Focus 4 (Concurrent Session Block 2 – 12:25 – 1:40 pm)

Session Description and Learning Objectives

Learn from an experienced teaching assistant who will share how she used failure to improve her classroom. Discover how to embrace setbacks as opportunities for improvement, and learn practical strategies to enhance your teaching effectiveness.

This session will include reflective discussions, an interactive activity, and will provide valuable insights into overcoming challenges while positively impacting students’ learning experiences.

Upon completing this session, participants will:

  • Understand the importance of embracing failure as a catalyst for growth and improvement in the classroom.
  • Discover steps to take to transform failure into success.
  • Identify actionable strategies for enhancing teaching effectiveness.

Presenter  | Megha Yadav

Megha Yadav is a fifth-year international doctoral student in the management area of Sheldon B. Lubar College of Business at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. She holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree from Indraprastha University, India. Prior to relocating to the United States, she gained five years of teaching experience, instructing teaching graduate students in India.

Her research interests revolve around studying diversity, inclusion, and equity (DEI) issues within organizations. Specifically, she focusses on examining the impact of gender, race, and linguistic diversity on career outcomes for minorities. Additionally, she investigates how expectations of extra-role behaviors differ based on the employee’s gender and race. She likes spending free time with her family and friends as well as exploring new places and cuisines.

Megha chose UWM for her doctoral studies because of the program’s strong emphasis on organizational behavior issues and its exceptional faculty.

Megha Yadav

All sessions will be recorded

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