Friday, March 1, 2024

In-person or Online
The Pfister Hotel, downtown Milwaukee, or via Webex Events and Zoom

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Cost: $395.
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When you register you will choose to register for in-person or online participation. In-Person will take place at the Pfister Hotel, 424 E. Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, WI, from 8am to 5pm. Online will take place via Webex Events and Zoom from 8am to 4:30pm and will include virtual networking, keynote speakers, the closing panel and a preselected session for each of the breakout periods.

Online and in-person participants will use the Webex app to access conference information, create profiles, connect with participants and speakers and view sponsor booths.

7:30-8:30am - Registration, Continental Breakfast, Pop-up Bookstore Open

8-8:30am - Interest-Based Networking

New this year! To help you make meaningful connections with other attendees, the conference will include networking groups based on your primary interest area.  Whether you attend in-person or virtually, you can join a networking session at the beginning of the conference and in the Webex Events conference app.  Please select your primary interest area when registering:  Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging, Emerging Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Senior Management & Executives, Technology & Engineering and Work-Life Wellness.

8:45-9am - Welcome and Kickoff: Women Leaders 2024

9-10am - Anat Baron, Keynote

The Next Great Transformation and AI

Anat Baron, Futurist, Tech Entrepreneur & Former Head of Mike’s Hard Lemonade

The past few years have taught us that life can change in an instant. We learned that we could adapt to changing circumstances thanks to the technology tools that keep us connected. But are we ready for the exponential changes heading our way? After all, Artificial intelligence (AI), robots, biotech and digital media are already transforming work, culture and our social lives. We are at the forefront of a profound paradigm shift.

In her interactive presentation, futurist and consumer expert Anat Baron will focus on the intersection between technology, the empowered consumer, the multi-generational workforce and the constant disruption around us. She will discuss the challenges and opportunities impacting our professional and personal lives and show you what success looks like in our fast moving, hyper connected digital-first world. All the while, making the case that our humanity will matter more than ever as technology becomes a ubiquitous part of our daily existence. Anat will help you understand what’s next so you can create change even when change is hard. 

10:30-11:15am - Breakout Session One: Embrace Today

In-Person Attendees: Choose One.      Virtual Attendees: The Ally/Change Agent/Culture Keeper: The Roles We All Have As Leaders session is the virtual option and will be preselected for you at registration.

[IN-PERSON SESSION IS FULL] Ally/Change Agent/Culture Keeper: The Roles We All Have As Leaders

Jennifer Goodwin, Senior Director, Talent and Performance, Northwestern Mutual; Laila Valters, FLMI, Vice President, Field Talent

Growing in your career includes raising your awareness of and increasing the impact of your actions on others. How can you be intentional about building and sustaining a great culture that will drive your business results while attracting and retaining the best talent? This session will explore the essentials of building a strong culture, specific skills professionals at all levels can practice everyday and actions you can practice being an ally.

ERGs and BRGs: Fostering Inclusive Organizations

Makda Fessahaye, Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Human Resources Officer, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; Dominique Hyatt-Oates , Public Health Nurse Manager and CEO CREAM Unity, City of Milwaukee Health Department and CREAM Unity; Therese Klein, Director of Business Operations and Project Management for the Motion Control Business, Rockwell Automation; Antoinette Thomas, Assistant Director – Enroll Client Experience, Northwestern Mutual

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and Business Resource Groups (BRGs), also known as affinity groups, play a vital role in fostering inclusion, community and belonging within organizations. Join moderator Makda Fessahaye and our panel of affinity group leaders for a frank discussion of how ERGs and BRGS can be leveraged to achieve goals for diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. We will explore best practices for building effective ERGs and BRGs, strategies for aligning ERG/BRG activities with corporate DEI goals and discuss challenges our panelists have faced in their work. You will take away suggestions on how to start or expand affinity groups in your organization.

[SESSION IS FULL] Stop Comparing to Drive Success

Barbara Burgess, Founder, Corluma

Comparison kills, plain and simple. Comparison kills initiatives, careers, our ability to lead, and our well-being. By its very nature, comparison takes out an enormous megaphone, loudspeaker, football field-sized video screen, and broadcasts: YOU ARE NOT ENOUGH. If that weren’t bad enough, we expend a tremendous amount of our cognitive, emotional, and physical resources when we live compare ourselves to others. We spend vital energy looking to see who is above us on the ladder, who is below us, and sometimes strategizing how to get to the next rung. There is, however, an alternative; we can step off the ladder altogether. We can turn those cognitive, emotional, and physical resources toward different outcomes. We can be more successful, make more money, drive more significant contributions to our teams and companies, and enjoy ourselves more by learning to stop comparing.

One recurring theme Barbara has discovered in her coaching is that women often waste enormous energy comparing what they are doing now and what they should be doing in the future against someone else’s measurement criteria. Join Barbara Burgess for an interactive session where you’ll learn skills for stepping off the ladder of comparison and forging your own future.

Tap into Your Superpower for Sales & Marketing

Melanie Varin, Author, Owner and Chief Operating Officer, TopLine Results Corporation

Did you know that sales and marketing misalignment costs businesses $1 trillion per year? The cost of this issue is staggering, and it is pervasive. Nearly every organization struggles with it, however, when you overcome it, it becomes your superpower as a leader.

This presentation / workshop will help team members and organizational leaders throughout an organization to tap into their organizations’ superpower. You will gain practical tips for driving go-to-market alignment. We will discuss (1) why alignment is so hard, (2) four key components of commercial alignment, (3) making it happen, (4) celebrating successes. Handouts will be used throughout the presentation for taking notes and developing action plans. Participants should walk away with tangible next steps toward their superpower journey!

11:30am-12pm - Lunch, Announcements, Giveaways

(Lunch break for virtual)

12-1:15pm - Juju Chang, Keynote, with Joyce Garbaciak

Bringing Your Life Experience to Work – Now and in the Future

Joyce Garbaciak, Co-anchor of WISN 12 News at 6:00; Juju Chang, Emmy Award-Winning Co-Anchor of ABC News' 'Nightline'

Breaking News! Juju Chang will be on a special assignment for ABC news and will present virtually at the conference. She will be joined for the presentation by Milwaukee’s own Joyce Garbaciak, news anchor for WISN-TV, who will participate in-person at the Pfister.

When Juju Chang started out as a young journalist, she would dress in masculine clothing to “look as tough as the guys” and shy away from reporting on the AAPI community for fear of being pigeon-holed. Today, she not only embraces her identities as a woman, mother of three sons, wife, volunteer, Jew by Choice and Asian American — she  actively brings her lived experience to her work as an award-winning journalist and network anchor. From co-hosting a prime-time news special on Asian Hate and highly praised coverage of the Atlanta Spa Shootings, to covering gender inequality, immigrant stories and human rights around the world, Juju has elevated her career by whole-heartedly bringing her life experience, identities and passion for social justice to her work.

In this inspiring talk, Juju empowers more women to celebrate their authentic selves, blend their talents with their passions, and bring their invaluable lived experiences to their professional roles as they work today and plan for tomorrow. According to Juju, it’s also a win-win for any organization. Celebrating diversity of experience helps to create more inclusive and innovative workplace cultures that are also more in touch with their communities and customers.

1:30-2pm - Breakout Session Two: Quick Wins and Ideas You Can Use

In-Person Attendees: Choose One.      Virtual Attendees: The Define Your Brand (or Someone Else Will) session is the virtual option and will be preselected for you at registration.

Define Your Brand (or Someone Else Will)

Susan K. Wehrley, Founder and CEO, BIZremedies

What is a personal brand and why is it important to own it? This session will help you understand the importance of your personal brand and what it takes to create a deeper self-awareness of the personal brand you desire to curate. Learn five key steps to defining your brand, living your brand consistently, attracting the benefit of owning your brand and creating the perception of your authentic brand.

Anat Baron in Conversation with Joy Powers

Anat Baron, Futurist, Tech Entrepreneur & Former Head of Mike’s Hard Lemonade; Joy Powers, Host and Producer, Lake Effect, WUWM

Join us for an informal discussion with Anat Baron and Joy Powers, host of WUWM’s Lake Effect, about the trends and changes coming toward businesses and individuals including a short Q and A.

[SESSION IS FULL] Know Your Worth: Strategies for Negotiating the Compensation You Deserve

Isioma Nwabuzor, Associate General Counsel & Assistant Corporate Secretary, Modine Manufacturing Company

Over half a century after the United States passed the Equal Pay Act, American women still face a substantial gender wage gap across the spectrum. Negotiating your compensation can feel like an intimidating task, but it’s a critical step in setting the foundation for your future financial security and career growth; establishing generational wealth; and ultimately closing the wage gap. In this workshop, we’ll explore strategies and tips to effectively negotiate your worth.

Wake-up Calls About Money and How to Avoid Them

Kelly Mould, JD, CTFA, CWS, CDFA, Senior Vice President, Johnson Financial Group

Women are savvier about money than they have been at any time in our country’s history, but studies and experience show that money is still a major stressor for women, their partners and families. Also, money mistakes can lead to rude awakenings at various times in a woman’s life. This informative session will share examples of real-life issues faced by area women. You will take away helpful knowledge that can lead to better planning– and even better sleep!

2:15-3pm - Breakout Session Three: Shape Tomorrow

In-Person Attendees: Choose One.      Virtual Attendees: The Future Fit: Building Your Mental Fitness through Positive Intelligence session is the virtual option and will be preselected for you at registration.

[IN-PERSON SESSION IS FULL] Future Fit: Building Your Mental Fitness through Positive Intelligence

Rosario Sánchez-Ledesma, ACC/UWCPC, Executive Coach & Consultant , Lifecamp, LLC; Rose Meagher, Talent Development Expert Principal, Meagher Consulting, LLC

If you’re physically fit, you can climb steep hills without physical stress. If you’re mentally fit, you can handle life’s great challenges, perform better, and have healthier relationships. Future Fit begins by building a practice using Positive Intelligence tools and techniques. During this workshop learn about Saboteur and Sage to change your life for a brighter future.

Navigating The Workforce Continuum: Boomer to Alpha

Sybil Stewart, Speaker, Founder, CEO, C-Suite for Women

With five generations in the workplace, it is time to evolve our definitions and change our misconceptions of what success in the workplace requires. We must go above the noise and media concerns and focus on the benefits and business cases for everyone and every generation to be incorporated effectively into existing systems -with minimal disruption. As leaders, our ability to integrate a “new” lens on “professional” will mean using innovative approaches that will create space for all to thrive. By leaning into the characteristics, values, work preferences, and technological influences shaping each generation’s work approach and how it affects workplace dynamics, we can create strategies for collaboration and embrace the future of work as one generation exits and the other enters. Explore these topics and learn ways to shape the social skills for young professionals while also leveraging the benefits and skills of tech-savvy individuals to drive innovation in the workplace.

Evolution of Work: Technology as Disrupter AND Enabler

Stacey Force, Chief Commercial Officer, Geminon; Alida Al-Saadi, Global HumanX Business Executive & Senior Partner, Korn Ferry

Technology is emerging faster than ever before, and people are adopting it early and anticipating benefits right away. In this context, we will see a shift in how businesses organize including:

  • New operating models and organizational structures which will be driven by multi-organization collaboration, partnership models and new business ecosystems.
  • Dynamic skill-based teams which will enable workers to create more value by lending capabilities through multi-organization gig work.
  • People purposefully working from everywhere will enable leaders to identify the right people for roles, regardless of where they are located.
  • Garnering real-time data on projects and performance to access new and different information and insights.
  • New relationships and expectations of employees and contractors.

As Generative AI becomes the domain of productivity, human creativity and imagination will be pivotal catalysts for driving enhanced business outcomes. Explore these important shifts and uncover how they will shape the development of new business and people strategies.

Bias in Tech and AI for Women Leaders

Xochitl Gonzalez, Sr Director, Business Ops, Strategy & Planning, and Chief of Staff, Northwestern Mutual; Nadiyah Johnson, CEO & Founder, Jet Constellations

Artificial Intelligence and other advances in technology are changing the way we work and interact with others, but technology can perpetuate the biases of its data and programmers. You will hear about the latest issues around bias and tech, explore a case study, and learn about the efforts on many fronts to make tech unbiased.

3:30-4:30pm - Panel and Conference Closing

Young Leaders Shaping Tomorrow Panel

Grace Beauchamp, Talent Acquisition & Growth Graduate Intern, Northwestern Mutual; Diamond Herring-Rodgers, Diversity Equity and Inclusion Engagement Manager, United Way; Ana Kraft, Founder and CEO, Xena Workwear

Join us for Young Leaders Shaping Tomorrow, a panel discussion. Panelists will share their journeys towards leadership, their experiences and insights. They will give advice on how to navigate professional challenges in each of their fields and their visions for the futureGet inspired by the next generation of leaders!

4:30-5pm - Reception

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