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Nadiyah Johnson

Nadiyah Johnson is CEO and Founder of Jet Constellations.  She graduated from Marquette University with a master’s in computational science and is currently pursuing a PhD with a focus on computational science and mental health. Her research is predominantly geared toward mobile health (mHealth). Nadiyah’s research has granted her recognition at several conferences around the globe.

Nadiyah’s passion for diversity in STEM led her to launch her start-up business, Jet Constellations. Jet Constellations is a local software company that functions to promote STEM education in Milwaukee, consult tech-oriented start-ups and build a nurturing ecosystem of techies and entrepreneurs. As the founder, Nadiyah aims to rebrand Milwaukee as “The Milky Way” – a tech hub representative of Milwaukee’s diverse population.

Nadiyah enjoys painting and teaching computer science in her free time. She currently sells her art in pop-up shops at local art fairs. When Nadiyah isn’t painting or working in the community, she is spending quality time with her family.


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