Melanie Varin

Melanie R Varin

Melanie R. Varin spent many years leading marketing teams for Fortune 100+ companies. Once she became a national sales leader, her perspective on marketing changed significantly. She made marketing and sales modifications that drove better alignment and saw amazing results. She developed a passion for go-to-market (GTM) alignment and loves to share the superpower of alignment with other business leaders and her clients at TopLine Results Corporation, the business she co-owns with her life partner, Fred Varin.

Melanie is the author of “Ignite TopLine Growth: How RevOps and Go-To-Market Alignment Spark Success”. In this book, Melanie shares a business fable that demonstrates the challenges of misalignment then shows the amazing benefits when it is done well. Finally, she summarizes her concepts in a practical manner that helps readers take action and claim their superpower.

Melanie spent seven of her 35+ year career in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East for three different organizations. She led two turnarounds. When she’s not working or writing, you might find her traveling or enjoying fine food – cooking or eating!


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