General Assignment Classrooms & Roar 

The Registrar’s Office manages the scheduling of General Assignment (GA) Classrooms and Greene Hall for credit class sections and ad hoc events through ROAR on behalf of the Provost’s Office.

Need ROAR Access?

For more information on the following topics, click the links below:
Class Credit Scheduling (CCS)
Event Scheduling (ES)
Service Providers (SP)

What is ROAR?

ROAR, Room Optimization Assignments & Reservations, is the acronym for the room scheduling program utilized by campus.

The primary function of the program is to optimize and assign General Assignment (GA) Classrooms to the requested class sections. Its secondary function is to allow the campus community to create and manage classroom requests for ad hoc events after classes have been scheduled and finalized.

Contacts for GA Classrooms
Managing over 170 GA Classrooms and Greene Hall is a campus effort, which includes Building Chairs, Campus Space Management and Planning, Classroom Services (UITS), Environmental Services, Facility Services, and University Police.

Unlocking/Locking Building Doors:
Audio & Visual Media Equipment:
Heating/Cooling, Lighting, & Facility Related Concerns:
Additional Contacts & Instructions for Greene Hall

Greene Hall is considered and treated as a GA Classroom, except food and beverage is allowed. The Registrar’s Office does NOT provide event coordination but does oversee the scheduling of events via ROAR.

A handful of assorted tables and chairs are available to use on–site, but individuals who plan to use this space should contact Facility Services to order the exact number needed for the event as well as Classrooms Services for any A/V equipment.

It is strongly encouraged that individuals schedule a self-guided pre-site visit of Greene Hall to assess what equipment may need to be ordered prior to the event. Individuals may schedule a walk-through via ROAR.

Equipment Needs:
Audio & Visual Media Equipment:
To Arrange Room Setup/Cleanup (especially if food is involved):
Campus Catering:
Contacts for Department & Non-GA Locations

Departments manage their own locations. These spaces fall into three categories:

  1. Viewable and request-able via ROAR, such as PSOA Public Event Locations and L&S Computer Labs.
  2.  Viewable but not request-able via ROAR, such as the LECWC.
  3. Not available in ROAR, such as the Union locations managed by Student Union Event Services via EMS. (see list of contacts for department and non-GA locations above)
Have a department-managed location you want in ROAR?

Any campus location may be added to ROAR, but department-managed locations should be in ROAR when utilized for class sections. Location access, security, and workflow may be set up for these locations to meet department needs. Please email to find out more.

Want to add or update a department-managed location in ROAR?

If you wish to add or update a department-managed location, please complete the Location Add Form. Updates will be reflected in ROAR, CLSS, and/or PAWS.

Contacts for Waukesha and Washington Cty Campuses

The College of General Studies, CGS, manages their own locations. Waukesha and Washington Cty faculty and staff can request use of locations at their home campus via ROAR. Milwaukee faculty and staff must contact the campuses directly to request use of their locations.


For questions, contact for assistance.