Finding Classes

Use these resources to search for classes, review course descriptions and prerequisites, and plan future semesters prior to enrolling in classes through PAWS.

The schedule displays classes at the Associates, Bachelors (or “Undergraduate”), and Graduate levels.  A key to the abbreviations used in the schedule is available here.


Associates-level courses are offered through the College of General Studies, which is housed at our Waukesha and Washington County locations — or online through UW College Courses Online. For scheduling and enrollment purposes, all associates-level courses will begin with “CGS,” as in CGS MAT 105 or CGS ENG 102.  Associates students may enroll in other academic areas only with permission from the College of General Studies.

Class section codes indicate whether CGS sections are held in Waukesha (“K”), Washington County (“H”), or through UW College Courses Online (“E”).


Classes numbered 299 and lower in academic areas other than CGS are open to bachelors/undergraduate students only.

Undergraduate students can take classes numbered up to 699, but some may require special permission.  Contact your Academic Advisor for more information.

Bachelors/Undergraduate students may take Associates-level or Graduate-level courses only with permission from their School or College and the particular course’s academic department.


Classes numbered 700-999 are open to graduate students only.  Classes numbered 300-699 that have a “G” appended to the course number (e.g., Physics 450G) are open to either graduate students or undergraduate students who have arranged to enroll in the course for graduate credit.  When a course has both a “G” section and a section without the “G” designation, graduate students should always enroll in the designated “G” or graduate section.

Other Course Options

Online Classes

In addition to “brick and mortar” or in-person classes, UWM has offerings available either entirely online or in a “hybrid” fashion that combines online and in-person instruction.

Associates-level online courses are offered through the UW College Courses Online exchange.  Associate-level students will enroll in CGS courses with an “E” section code within PAWS.

Online classes often have additional or alternative fees, which will be noted on our Course Fees by Term site.

Off-Campus Classes

The location of “Off-Campus” classes are noted in course notes on the schedule, and typically mention the distance from the main Milwaukee campus. Transportation to and from off-campus courses are solely the responsibility of the student.

Study Abroad

Studying abroad gives you the opportunity to travel internationally as a part of a for-credit educational experience.  Contact the Center for International Education for information and applications.