PAWS Academic Advisement

Academic Advisement Reporting serves several purposes within PAWS.  In one document, the Advisement Report acts as:

  1. A student-facing Academic Requirements report, which shows the students the status of their progress towards the completion of their degree.
  2. An advisor-facing Undergraduate Academic Advisement Report (or “UGAAR”) for use as an advising tool or a check of a student’s progress to degree.
  3. A report for School/College and Registrar’s Office graduation examiners, who use the report in order to clear students for graduation and degree processing.

Other report types are available to advisors, including “What If” reports that can explore where students stand in relation to additional or substituted academic plans, reports that do not include in-process coursework, customized School/College-specific reports,  and the “My Planner” report.  If you’d like more information on ways to make use of these reports, please let us know via  Quick Links “Contact Us”. Requests for access can be made via forms on the PAWS authorization website.

Once updated through PAWS, Data elements used by advisement reports are stored in the university’s data warehouse.  See Advisement Tables in the Data Warehouse for more information.

Important Notes on Advisement Reporting:

When accessed by students through their PAWS student center (as in example 1 above), the advisement report is only updated off a previously generated report. This can sometimes lead to inconsistent results, if the student has changed their program, plan, or sub-plan since the report was last generated.  This can be resolved by an administrative re-processing of the report by an academic advisor or a request through the Contact Us in our Quick Links, selecting “Degree Progress” as the area of interest.