SOC Development

This page provides an overview of the Schedule of Classes (SOC) development process as well as resources necessary for those involved in creating departmental academic schedules, including, but not limited to, schedule builders and SOC Coordinators.

Dates & Deadlines

For more dates & deadlines associated with the SOC & enrollment, follow the Dates & Deadlines link.

22-23 Academic Year Dates (Remaining)

Term Development Phase Begins Data Entry Deadline Validate By Bridging Units Room Assignment Phase Begins Pre-Enroll Phase Begins Enrollment Phase Begins
2236 –
Summer 23
8/15/22 (estimated) 12/9/22 12/16/22 12/19/22 – 12/23/22 1/3/23 – 1/6/23 1/9/23 3/20/23

23-24 Academic Year Dates

SOC Phase Fall 2023
UWinteriM 2024
Spring 2024
Summer 2024
Development Phase
Curricular planning and building the schedule of classes begins.
12/21/22 4/17/23** 6/5/23 10/9/23
Data Entry Deadline
Class data entry and edits completed.
2/17/23 N/A 9/8/23 12/1/23
Validation Deadline*
Class data cleaned up (errors and warnings rectified), the scheduling unit is validated, and submitted to workflow.
2/24/23 N/A 9/15/23 12/8/23
Bridging Phase (Locked)
Class data is bridged from CLSS to PAWS, which may take up to one week to complete. Edits to class data prohibited.
2/27/23 N/A 9/18/23 12/11/23
Room Assignment Phase (Locked)
Class data is exported from PAWS to ROAR to optimize class sections that requested a GAC. Edits to class data prohibited.
3/6/23 –
N/A 9/25/23 –
12/18/23 –
Publication & Pre-Enrollment Phase
Schedule of classes is published in PAWS and online. Final exam schedule for the term is published online. Student planning begins.
3/20/23 10/2/23 10/23/23 1/8/24
Enrollment Phase
Shopping carts open and student registration begins.
4/3/23 10/9/23 11/6/23 3/18/24
Fee Phase
Tuition is calculated.
6/23/23 11/10/23 12/1/23 4/19/24
30 Days or Less Phase
Changes to class data is further restricted as the start of the term approaches to minimize impact to fees and student schedules.
8/4/23 12/1/23 12/22/23 4/26/24
Event Scheduling in ROAR
Campus users can request and schedule ad hoc events via ROAR, impacting room availability for class sections.
8/1/23 11/1/23 1/1/24 5/1/24
Final Exam Scheduling
Scheduled by the Registrar’s Office in accordance with final exam policy and the set individual final exam schedule.
9/11/23 –
N/A 2/12/24 –
SOC Archive Posted & Study Abroad Phase
Term is posted to the SOC archive webpage and Study Aboard class section data is entered into the schedule of classes.
1/5/24 2/1/24 5/30/24 9/5/24
Archive Term
The term is archived and no further edits can be made.
1/2025 2/2025 5/2025 9/2025

*It is imperative that all scheduling units are validated & submitted to workflow by the deadline. Once locked, edits to the schedule are not permitted and scheduling units with errors cannot be bridged to PAWS. If scheduling units cannot be bridged, any work done during development also cannot be bridged, thus general assignment classrooms cannot be assigned. Extensions cannot be granted in order for room assignments to begin as soon as all scheduling units are bridged.

**Effective 2024, UWinteriM will open in Refine Mode and the Pre-Enrollment Phase in April, more information to follow or email with questions.

SOC Development Roles

Schedule Builder: Schedule builders are responsible for the collection, organization, and entry of class schedule data into PAWS during the Development Phase. Each academic department or program that has class offerings is required to have a designated schedule builder.

SOC Coordinator: The SOC coordinator is responsible for oversight of the schedule of classes development process for all the academic departments or programs within a school or college.


SOC Development Resources

The resources below aid in the development of the Schedule of Classes