SOC School/College Contacts

School of Architecture and Urban Planning
SOC Coordinator: Tammy Stroschein-Taylor
Subject Contact
Urban Planning
Tammy Stroschein-Taylor

Peck School of the Arts
SOC Coordinator: Kayla Premeau (Performing), Tiara Nord (Visual)
Subject Contact
Art and Design
Art Education
Fine Arts-Interdepartmental
Film, Video, Anim & New Genres

Shelby DeSantis
Tiara Nord 

Music Education
Music Performance
Barb Garncarz
Kayla Premeau

Sheldon B. Lubar School of Business
SOC Coordinator: Monica Camacho
Subject Contact
Business Administration
Business Management
Monica Camacho

College of General Studies
SOC Coordinator: Clara Huerta
Subject Contact
CGS – All Clara Huerta

School of Education
SOC Coordinator: Kerry Korinek
Subject Contact
Curriculum and Instruction
Education – Interdepartmental
Kerry Korinek
Administrative Leadership
Educational Psychology
Educational Policy
Exceptional Education
Molly Schreiber

English Language Academy
SOC Coordinator: Lynn Washatko-Uhyrek
Subject Contact
English for Academic Purposes (60-90)
English for Academic Purposes (100-499)
Lynn Washatko-Uhyrek
Brooke Haley

College of Engineering and Applied Science
SOC Coordinator: Todd Johnson
Subject Contact
Applied Computing
Biomedical Engineering
Civil Engineering & Mechanics
Computer Science
Computer Studies
Electrical Engineering
Engineering and Applied Science
Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
Materials Science and Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Todd Johnson

School of Freshwater Sciences
SOC Coordinator: Mallory Kaul
Subject Contact
Atmospheric Sciences Mallory Kaul
Freshwater Sciences

Honors College
SOC Coordinator: Laura Blaska
Subject Contact
Honors Laura Blaska
Anne Lamb

College of Health Sciences
SOC Coordinator: Kate Brondino
Subject Contact
Biomedical Sciences
College of Health Sciences
Communication Sciences and Disorders
Health Care Administration
Nutritional Sciences
Occupational Therapy
Therapeutic Recreation
Nora Miller
Sport and Recreation Joan Mayr

School of Information Studies
SOC Coordinator: Chad Zahrt
Subject Contact
Information Studies Chad Zahrt

College of Letters and Science
SOC Coordinator: Teri Mannes
Subject Contact
African & African Diaspora Studies Lin Haggerty
Digital Arts and Culture
Peter Geraci
Art History Susan Wade
Biological Sciences Erin Daun
American Indian Studies
Celtic Studies
Ethnic Studies
Jewish Studies
Latino Studies
Latin American and Caribbean Studies
Latin American, Caribbean and US Latin@ Studies
Letters & Science – Humanities
Letters & Science – Natural Science
Letters & Science – Social Sciences
Liberal Studies
Religious Studies
Teri Mannes
Chemistry and Biochemistry Kate Jiannacopoulous
Kevin Blackburn
Communication Sabrina Fuller
Economics Ann Pencak
English Christopher Hofland
Comparative Literature
Global Studies
International Studies
M.A. in Language, Literature, and Translation
Ahna Wilson
Madeleine Haggerty
Film Studies Zach Finch
Foreign Languages and Literature
Hebrew Studies
Scandinavian Studies
Michael Jacques
Conservation and Environmental Sciences
Lauren Wieczorek
Sami Fleischman
Geography Niko Papakis
History Lex Renda
Industrial & Labor Relations
Linguistics Sharon Geibel
Journalism, Advertising, and Media Studies Ryan Sugden
Actuarial Science
Mathematical Sciences
Mathematical Statistics
Kimberly Lacking-Quinn
Nonprofit Administration
Public Administration
Bryce Lord
Philosophy Natachia Attewell
Michael Weinert
Tim Cochrane
Political Science Kathy Krueger
Psychology Deborah Hannula
Sociology Sarah Weidner
Kay Marquardt
Translation and Interpreting Stephanie Willingham
Urban Studies Carrie Beranek
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Studies
Women’s & Gender Studies
Susan Wagner

College of Nursing
SOC Coordinator: Ray McDonald
Subject Contact
Peace Studies
Sustainable Peacebuilding
UWS Collaborative Nursing Program
Ray MacDonald

Zilber School of Public Health
SOC Coordinator: Analise Sandoval
Subject Contact
Environmental and Occupational Health
Public Health
Analise Sandoval
George Henion

Helen Bader School of Social Welfare
SOC Coordinator: Mary Russell
Subject Contact
Air Force & Aerospace Studies
Criminal Justice
Military Science
Social Work
Mary Russell