Transfer Credit FAQ

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What steps do I need to take to transfer to UWM?
Visit the Admissions Office transfer page for a step by step breakdown of the transfer process, including application instructions, fees, and deadlines.
How do I know what classes will transfer?
Only the official results of your transfer credit evaluation will be posted to your UWM record. However, you can look up your courses ahead of time using the Transfer Equivalency Database (TED) to see what has been historically accepted. You can streamline the transfer process and avoid surprises by working with an academic advisor or student services professional.
How many credits can I transfer?
A maximum of 72 semester credits can be transferred from a single or combination of Associate’s Degree/2-year institutions. There is no maximum number of semester credits that can be transferred from a 4-year university. All UWM programs require that a certain number of credits be earned in residence, that is, a set number or sequence of courses must be taken at UWM.
Who makes the decision on my application?
After you’ve submitted your complete application, the Admissions Office will determine whether or not you are admissible to UWM. Once you’re admitted, the Registrar’s Office will complete an evaluation on your incoming transfer credit. You can only be admitted into your program by your respective school or college.
Do I have to pay the application processing fee?
All applicants must pay the application processing fee unless they (1) previously attended UWM as a degree candidate or (2) attended one of the thirteen 2-year campuses in the UW System.
When will my transfer credit post to my UWM record?
The official results of your transfer credit evaluation will typically post to your PAWS account within 1-2 weeks from the date you were admitted to UWM.
Can I transfer credit besides other coursework?
In addition to transferring coursework from other schools, UWM also accepts the following forms of credit (some exceptions apply):

  • CLEP: College Level Examination Program
  • AP: Advanced Placement
  • IB: International Baccalaureate
  • Retroactive Credit for Foreign Language
  • Credit for Military Coursework and Training
  • Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center
Who can I contact if I have additional questions?