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The Neighborhood Housing Office (NHO) strives to provide direct outreach and advising to help students find quality off-campus housing and roommates through education, referral, and support. We promote healthy living and civic responsibility to connect students with UW-Milwaukee and the surrounding neighborhoods. Visitors of the Neighborhood Housing Office will receive quality, in-person service from our well-trained and experienced team of student renters. We provide quality tools and strategies to make your neighborhood housing living experience a success.

Learning Outcomes

By utilizing the Neighborhood Housing Office and participating in programming initiatives, students will:

  • Explore the neighborhood surrounding UWM
  • Gain knowledge of tenant rights and responsibilities
  • Be able to identify resources available to them as student tenants
  • Understand what it means to be a good neighbor and community member
  • Feel a sense of belonging and responsibility to their neighborhood and community
  • Be provided with current and relevant information regarding off-campus living and parking
  • Receive access to the exclusive NHO listing service

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