Many students call Milwaukee their home, and the Neighborhood Housing Office is a great resource for students who wish to live off-campus in the neighborhoods around UWM.

Temporary Halt in Residential Evictions To Prevent the Further Spread of COVID-19

PSC votes to extend moratorium on utility disconnections until spring


  • Choose a living arrangement that is most conducive to your health, well-being, safety and learning whether that be living in a family home, on-campus in the residence halls, or renting off-campus this fall.
  • There is no set timeline or rush to find housing in Milwaukee; wait to make your decision as it is appropriate for your family and your personal situation.
  • Incoming UWM students considering living off-campus this fall should attend the Neighborhood Housing Office live session during orientation.
  • For individualized advice and support, schedule a virtual meeting with a trained staff member to discuss off-campus options and learn more about living on the Eastside by using the contact us form below.
  • Chat our team on Facebook for a prompt response.
Contact Us
  • Someone from the NHO will reach out to your shortly via housing@uwm.edu to confirm a date and time for your virtual meeting.
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Overview of Services

Neighborhood Housing is here to help you:

  • Be confident in your independent search for off-campus housing
  • Understand the rental search process along with tenant rights and responsibilities
  • Perform a free background check and/or property check on any City of Milwaukee property upon request.
  • Find available rental properties, roommate(s), and subleases and answer any questions you may have about renting in the surrounding communities. Please note, UWM does not own or manage any off-campus houses or apartments and Neighborhood Housing does not make housing assignments.
  • Confidently communicate with your landlord
  • Get connected with renting related resources like the University Legal Clinic for a free lease review

The Neighborhood Housing Office believes in serving as a resource to support student success as both tenants and community members. We encourage civic responsibility, serve as a liaison between UWM and the community, and offer education and guidance to our constituents on the rental process and more. We promote positive living experiences in the neighborhoods near UWM through educational initiatives, referral, and outreach.

Learning Outcomes

By utilizing the Neighborhood Housing Office and participating in programming initiatives, students will:

  • Develop a sense of belonging to the City of Milwaukee by exploring the neighborhood surrounding UWM
  • Evaluate how students as individuals and as a community, demonstrate civic responsibility in the context of the diverse neighborhood surrounding UWM
  • Identify and utilize resources available to student-tenants to solve challenges and create positive experiences related to renting and living off-campus
  • Distinguish between UWM’s off-campus rental process and other University’s off-campus processes
  • Translate knowledge of tenant rights and responsibilities into an actionable plan for renting and living in the neighborhoods near UWM
Office Hours and Contact Information

The Neighborhood Housing Office is available online while our physical office space is closed.

Online Hours: Monday-Thursday: 9am-2pm

Phone: (414) 229-6999
Email: housing@uwm.edu
Chat our team on Facebook for a prompt response.
Use the contact us form at the bottom of the page to request a video chat virtual visit.
Campus Location: Student Union, WG85

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