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COVID-19 FAQs from the City of Milwaukee

Read the latest update regarding eviction notices from The Tenant Resource Center of Wisconsin.

The NHO’s Online Listing Service is also a great virtual tool should you find yourself either looking for housing, roommates or subleasers due to the current situation.

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2020-21 Sponsorship Opportunities

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Office Hours and Contact Information

Spring Office Hours: Monday-Thursday: 10am-6pm | Friday: Closed

Phone: (414) 229-6999
Email: housing@uwm.edu
Campus Location: Student Union, WG85


The Neighborhood Housing Office believes in serving as a resource to support student success as both tenants and community members. We encourage civic responsibility, serve as a liaison between UWM and the community, and offer education and guidance to our constituents on the rental process and more. We promote positive living experiences in the neighborhoods near UWM through educational initiatives, referral, and outreach.

Learning Outcomes

By utilizing the Neighborhood Housing Office and participating in programming initiatives, students will:

  • Develop a sense of belonging to the City of Milwaukee by exploring the neighborhood surrounding UWM
  • Evaluate how students as individuals and as a community, demonstrate civic responsibility in the context of the diverse neighborhood surrounding UWM
  • Identify and utilize resources available to student-tenants to solve challenges and create positive experiences related to renting and living off-campus
  • Distinguish between UWM’s off-campus rental process and other University’s off-campus processes
  • Translate knowledge of tenant rights and responsibilities into an actionable plan for renting and living in the neighborhoods near UWM