Tuition & Fees

The amounts listed on the following fee schedules do not include any special course fees, distance education fees, or differential tuition that will be in addition to normal tuition. Consult the relevant Course Fees by Term for a complete listing.

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Assessments/Refunds for Reduction of Credit Load. Percentage assessments are established by the University of Wisconsin System. Please visit UW System Administrative Policy 805 Tuition and Fee Policies for Credit Instruction Section C.4 Refunds/Withdrawals/Drops for Refund and Payment Schedules for Withdrawals or Drops.

The UWM Interactive Add/Drop Calendar allows you to view the deadlines for adding, dropping, or withdrawing from classes. You can also view any associated fees or tuition assessments for making changes to your schedule after the term begins.

Fee Level: Fee level (graduate vs. undergraduate) determines the student career. Students admitted as degree or non-degree graduate students pay graduate level fees for all courses taken.

Minnesota-Wisconsin Reciprocity Fee-Tuition: The Minnesota-Wisconsin Tuition Reciprocity agreement allows residents of Minnesota attending Wisconsin Institutions to receive a special rate. If you wish to take advantage of the Minnesota-Wisconsin Tuition Reciprocity Agreement, apply for certification as a Minnesota resident.

Midwest Tuition Rate: The Midwest Tuition Rate is a discounted rate UWM offers to students from the following states:  Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio and South Dakota.  For more information, please visit the semester tuition schedule for detailed fee amounts under the “Midwest Rate” column.

Mandatory/Segregated Fees: The segregated fee is a part of the total amount paid to the University by students taking credit classes. Students carrying less than eight credits during the fall and spring semesters (six credits during the summer semester) pay a pro-rated fee. The amount to be assessed is determined in part by the Student Association and in part by the Chancellor. These funds are earmarked for the support of certain student services (see the Mandatory/Segregated Fee Table located under the relevant term’s tuition and fee schedule above). Students enrolling exclusively in Fee in Lieu of Tuition (FILT) classes are not charged segregated fees and will not be able to use some campus facilities or obtain a University bus pass. If you fall into this category, but want full access to all campus facilities, you may pay an additional fee based on the number of credits taken. Contact the Cashier’s Office, MIT 285 (414/229-4914) for further information.

Non-credit Courses: Fees for non-credit courses are assessed the same as regular credit course fees.

UPASS: A UPASS is a semester/ summer long pass for unlimited free use of local area commuter bus service. Fall UPASS is also valid during UWinterIM.