Transferring Non-Coursework Credit

In addition to credit for courses you’ve completed at other schools, you can also receive transfer credit for previous education or training, or by testing on your current knowledge.  For more information, see the Prior Learning Assessment Policy.

CLEP: College Level Examination Program
The College Level Examination Program is an excellent option for students who have gained knowledge independently or through a non-accredited institution. By participating in CLEP, students can take exams that demonstrate their proficiency in a given subject. College credit may be awarded for satisfactory scores in specific exams.  Tables showing predetermined credit values may be accessed at:

For students seeking an associate degree: UWM at Waukesha/Washington Co CLEP Guide (pdf)
For students seeking a bachelor’s degree: UW-Milwaukee CLEP Guide (pdf)

[Note: UWM is no longer a CLEP testing center.  Find a CLEP test center by visiting the College Board website.]
AP: Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement credit is earned for college level courses you may have taken in high school.  Credit awarded depends on the content of the exam, the score earned, and the UWM degree being pursued.  You must apply to UWM as a degree-seeking student to receive credit.  Tables showing predetermined credit values may be accessed at:

For students seeking an associate degree: UWM at Waukesha/Washington Co AP Guide (pdf)
For students seeking a bachelor’s degree:  UW-Milwaukee AP Guide (pdf)

The AP program is managed by College Board and support and administration is provided by the high school guidance office.

  1. AP exams are taken in May
  2. Students submit their scores to UWM by logging into the College Board website using school code #1473
  3. After applying to UWM, students can contact Admissions to verify that their scores have been received
  4. Scores must be reported to UWM from the College Board and not from a high school transcript
IB: International Baccalaureate

Students who attend schools authorized by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) can earn UWM credits by participating in the IB curriculum.  Credit awarded depends on the level and content of the exam, the score earned, and the UWM degree being pursued.  UWM recognizes both Higher Level (HL) and Standard Level (SL) exams for credit.  Tables showing predetermined credit values may be accessed at:

For students seeking an associate degree: UWM at Waukesha/Washington Co IB Guide (pdf)
For students seeking a bachelor’s degree:  UW-Milwaukee IB Guide (pdf)

IB exam scores must be submitted by the IBO for credit consideration.  Contact the IBO or your IBO authorized secondary school for more information.

Retroactive Credit for Foreign Languages
If you test into an advanced level language course, you may be able to receive retroactive credit for the bypassed language classes. The determination is made by your language department after you’ve completed your advanced level language course.

  1. Take your Foreign Language Placement Test in the UWM Testing Center
  2. You must place into an advanced level course
  3. You must pass your advanced level course(s) with a B grade or better
  4. Credits are only given in conjunction with the first language course taken at UWM
  5. Credits are awarded retroactively in the following sequence for a maximum of 14 credits:
    • 1st semester = 4 credits
    • 2nd semester = 4 credits
    • 3rd semester = 3 credits
    • 4th semester = 3 credits

You can review information on French, German, Spanish, or other languages, or you can talk to your academic advisor for more information.

Credit for Military Coursework and Training
As of the Spring 2018 term, all American Council on Education (ACE) associate or baccalaureate level academic credit recommendations on both the Joint Services Transcript (JST) and the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) transcript shall be awarded.

These ACE credit recommendations will be transferred as direct equivalencies to fulfill academic requirements whenever possible, while also adhering to the guidelines in the ACE, AACRAO, and CHEA joint statement on Inter-Institutional Transfer of Credit.  If credits cannot be applied as direct equivalents, general elective credit will be awarded. Circumstances regarding financial aid, satisfactory academic progress (SAP), accreditation, professional associations (e.g. nursing and engineering), or other unforeseen considerations may affect the award of credit if the award will harm a student’s progress.  UWM will work with students to optimize their academic progress and path to degree completion.

New students with service in the Army, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard should submit an official JST (Joint Services Transcript), and new students with service in the Air Force should submit official CCAF (Community College of the Air Force) transcripts to UWM.

Current students who submitted official military transcripts prior to January 2018 can request a re-evaluation of credit based on the updated policy by doing the following:

  1. Meet with your academic advisor. The vast majority of military credits will apply as general electives so it is important to determine if additional electives will have a positive impact on your degree progress.  Your academic advisor will help to determine any impact.
  2. Request your official JST. If your academic advisor finds that additional transfer credits from your military education will benefit  your degree progress, have your JST sent to UWM for an official re-evaluation.*
  3. Allow two weeks for processing. Once the Registrar’s Office receives your JST, we will evaluate it and enter any ACE recommended credits onto your student record.
  4. Check your PAWS account. Two weeks after submitting your JST, login to PAWS and view the “Transfer Credit Report” in your Student Center.  Any additional credits will be posted there.

If you have questions about how these credits are applying to your degree, please contact your academic advisor.  Please note that your advisor will not be able to apply military coursework to unfilled major or program requirements.  These decisions are made at the department level.

*Current students who previously submitted a CCAF transcript do not have to resubmit.  Your transcripts already on file can be re-evaluated as is.  Please follow the steps above and have your advisor contact the Registrar’s Office to request a new evaluation.

Defense Language Institute FLC
Students may be able to transfer up to 14 credits of DLIFLC credit to UWM. Credit is not awarded for applied or functional language courses. For more information, visit the DLIFLC website.

Forms of Credit Not Accepted
  • DANTES Standardized Subject Tests (DSST)