Environmental Services – Services Provided

Engelmann Hall
Room B33
2033 E Hartford Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53201
General Info: (414) 229-6466
Email: envser-cares@uwm.edu

Office Hours:
Monday – Friday
Hours: 6:00am – 2:30pm

Walk-off mats

Entrance mats are vacuumed daily. We replace damaged or worn mats in public areas. If departments need or want additional mats in their areas, they can be purchased by issuing a work order request.

Pest Control

Pest Control is provided by Environmental Services at our expense. Our pest control vendor treats campus every two weeks on Friday morning.  If you have a need for this service please submit a work order through the iServiceDesk.

Public Bulletin Boards

Public bulletin boards are monitored daily to remove out of date or inappropriate material. The boards are completely stripped and cleaned, including staple removal, at the end of each semester.

Window Blinds

We will clean and dust blinds as part of our normal maintenance service twice per year.

Trash Removal

Washrooms trash receptacles are emptied twice daily. Hallways, classrooms, and entrances are done once a day, and offices are emptied during zone cleaning.

Snow Removal

Environmental Services shovels, salts, and maintains entrances and walkways for buildings. Ice is scraped on steps and sidewalks wherever a hazard is present. On occasion, a snowstorm may require Environmental Services staff to remove snow and ice before beginning their regularly scheduled duties, and some tasks may not be able to be completed.

In this case the following priorities of service are identified as:

  • Snow removal
  • Restrooms
  • Classrooms
  • High Public use areas
  • Trash Removal

Fire Extinguishers

Environmental Services maintains all fire extinguishers and systems within the buildings serviced by Facilities Services. This includes monthly checks, yearly maintenance, and replacement of old or out of date extinguishers. When outside services are required, arrangements will be made with the appropriate outside vendor.

Locking and Unlocking Doors

Building custodians are responsible for unlocking all building entrances on Campus, as well as select classrooms within the building each day of occupancy. Buildings are unlocked by 7:00am Monday through Friday. The Environmental Services staff will not unlock and provide access to buildings after the hours that they are normally secured. Also, the Environmental Services staff will not unlock individual faculty or staff offices unless he/she knows the faculty member personally.

Lampers (Changing Burned Out Lightbulbs)

The Environmental Services Lampers are responsible for changing burned out lamps in their assigned buildings. They will change all light bulbs that are accessible with an eight foot ladder. Any burned out lights under 10 feet high should reported through the iServiceDesk.

Also, if a bulb is changed and the light fixture is still out, it will be marked and dated with a red dot. The corresponding trouble report will be turned in to the electrical shop for further action. It is our goal to have it repaired in 24 hours.

Window Glass Cleaning

Environmental Services staff clean glass doors inside and out. All exterior first floor windows are cleaned once per year. If you would like to have the outside of your window cleaned any other time, please submit a work order through the iServiceDesk and we will arrange for a window cleaning contractor to contact you to provide an estimate and to schedule the work to be performed.