Environmental Services – Assigned Sections

Engelmann Hall
Room B33
2033 E Hartford Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53201
General Info: (414) 229-6466
Email: envser-cares@uwm.edu

Office Hours:
Monday – Friday
Hours: 6:00am – 2:30pm

The Environmental Services department is divided into three sections:

  • Section A is comprised of the Northeast section of campus, including the following off-campus buildings: Alumni House, Great Lakes Research Facility, Hefter Center, Kenilworth Square East, and University Services & Research.
  • Section B includes most campus buildings west of Maryland Avenue.
  • Section C includes most buildings in the Southeast section of campus.

Each section has one program supervisor, and within each section there are supervisors in charge of individual buildings. Click on the assigned building sections for a complete list of our supervisors.

Section A

Section A Environmental Services Program Supervisor:
Cynthia Tweedt
(414) 416-7962

Third Shift Environmental Services Supervisor:
John Ozanich
(414) 940-3795

Building NameEnvironmental Services
Supervisor Name
Alumni HouseJoe Ashley(414) 550-3975
Chapman HallDebbie Frank-Downer(414) 416-8517
Enderis HallDebbie Frank-Downer(414) 416-8517
Great Lakes Water InstituteJoe Ashley(414) 550-3975
Greene MuseumDebbie Frank-Downer(414) 416-8517
Hefter CenterMark Wahl(414) 416-9147
Holton HallDebbie Frank-Downer(414) 416-8517
Johnson HallDebbie Frank-Downer(414) 416-8517
Kenilworth Square EastJoe Ashley(414) 550-3975
Klotsche CenterJohn Ozanich(414) 940-3795
Lapham HallJoe Ashley(414) 550-3975
Merrill HallDebbie Frank-Downer(414) 416-8517
Norris Health CenterJohn Ozanich(414) 940-3795
PavilionJohn Ozanich(414) 940-3795
Sabin HallDebbie Frank-Downer(414) 416-8517
University Services & Research BuildingJoe Ashley(414) 550-3975
Lubar Entrepeneurship Center & UWM Welcome Center (LECWC)Michael Ford(414) 416-9128

Section B

Section B Environmental Services Program Supervisor:
Cedric Humphrey
(414) 416-8539

Section B Environmental Services Supervisor:
Michael Ford
(414) 416-9128

Section B Environmental Services Supervisor:
Joe Ashley
(414) 550-3975

Building NameEnvironmental Services
Supervisor Name
Architecture & Urban PlanningJoe Ashley(414) 5503975
Chemistry BuildingMichael Ford(414)416-9128
Cunningham HallJoe Ashley(414) 416-8129
Engineering and
Mathematical Sciences (EMS)
Michael Ford(414) 416-8261
Engelmann HallJoe Ashley(414)-550-3975
Honors HouseLachelle Shaw(414)-322-4178
Kenwood Interdisciplinary Research Complex (KIRC)Michael Ford(414) 416-91281
Lapham HallJoe Ashley(414) -550-3975
Northwest QuadrantJoe Ashley(414) 550-3975
Northwest Quadrant, DaycareLachelle Shaw(414) 322-4178
Northwest Quadrant, Children's Center (2nd Shift)Mark Wahl(414) 416-9147
PhysicsMichael Ford(414) 416-9128

Section C

Section C Environmental Services Program Supervisor:
Cedric Humphrey
(414) 416-8539

Section C Environmental Services Supervisor:
Debbie Frank-Downer
(414) 416-8517

Section C Environmental Services Supervisor:
Brian Harness
(414) 416-8270

Section C Environmental Services Supervisor:
Niki Taylor
(414) 588-2372

Second Shift Environmental Services Supervisor:
Mark Wahl
(414) 416-9147

Building NameEnvironmental Services
Supervisor Name
Bolton HallBrian Harness(414) 416-8270
Curtin HallNiki Taylor(414) 588-2372
Fine Arts ComplexNiki Taylor(414) 588-2372
Garland HallDebbie Frank-Downer(414) 416-8517
Lubar HallBrian Harness(414) 416-8270
Golda Meir LibraryBrian Harness(414) 416-8270
Mellencamp HallNiki Taylor(414) 588-2372
Mitchell HallNiki Taylor(414) 588-2372
Pearse HallDebbie Frank-Downer(414) 416-8517
Vogel HallDebbie Frank-Downer(414) 416-8517
ZelazoNiki Taylor(414) 588-2372
Zilber School of Public HealthMark Wahl(414) 416-9147