Environmental Services – SDS Information

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Email: envser-cares@uwm.edu

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Cleaning chemicals used by the department have Safety Data Sheets (SDS) that are available from the Environmental Services Program Supervisors. The University Safety & Assurances department also subscribes to a large database of commercial and pure chemical SDS’s, and they track current locations of SDS databases available via the internet.

Important: If you are experiencing a emergency involving cleaning chemicals, please contact the University Safety & Assurances department at (414) 229-6339.  You may also consider searching for the vendor online and contacting them directly.

SDS’s of the most commonly used products by Environmental Services are listed here.

ManufacturerProduct NameSDS Date
DiverseyAlpha-HP Multi-Surface Cleaner05/30/2014
DiverseyBonnet Buff08/07/2014
Coastwide LabsWAX & FINISH REMOVER Sustainable Earth® 8206/01/2007
DiverseyProminence Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner09/15/2015
DiverseyEmerel Plus Creme Cleanser08/31/2015
DiverseyExtraction SC Carpet Extracion Cleaner05/21/2014
DiverseyGlance NA Glass & Multi-Surface Cleaner Non-Ammoniated10/01/2014
DiverseyHeavy Duty Prespray SC09/09/2014
DiverseyMORNING MIST Neutral Disinfectant Cleaner02/20/2015
EcolabOASIS 29904/25/2016
DiverseyPerDiem General Purpose Cleaner with Hydrogen Peroxide09/08/2016
DiverseyPlaza Plus Sealer/Finish03/03/2015
DiverseyPro Strip SC High Efficiency Floor Stripper09/15/2016
DiverseySPEEDTRACK Clean & Burnish Fragrance Free01/12/2010
DiverseyStride Citrus HC 3 Neutral Cleaner09/11/2015
DiverseySuma Break Up SC D3.5 Heavy Duty Foaming Grease-Release Cleaner06/26/2014
DiverseyWide Range II Non-Acid Disinfectant Washroom Cleaner Concentrate07/15/2015