Student Organizations

Student organizations are considered to be affiliated with, but not official units of the University of Wisconsin. As a condition for continuation of the affiliation relationship, the organization agrees to abide by UWM regulations. In return, the student organization gains access to selected UWM facilities and resources. Student organizations are comprised of and controlled by students enrolled at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Student organizations must register annually with Student Involvement in order to use University facilities and services. Student organizations can request large event spaces by use of the Request to Use Event Space form or our WebApp.

Room Usage fees are pre-paid for recognized student organizations through the Segregated Fees paid by all UWM students to support the UWM Student Union.  Fees for general AV equipment and some conference aid equipment are also pre-paid through Segregated Fees. Student Organizations are charged when dedicated Audio Visual or Set-Up labor is required, or when equipment must be rented through an outside contractor. If an event space is used and rearranged to fit the needs of your meeting, the furniture must return to the standard set up of the space before leaving. If this is not done, organizations may be charged a reconfiguration fee.

Any request made for a “practice” space is subject to certain conditions. Requests for practice space can be made at most 1 week before the requested date and is held as an open space reservation pending the continued availability of Student Union event spaces. Should an event arise and no other space options exist, Event Services reserves the right to relocate your practice or deny space for this occasion.

Event Services also serves as the liaison between student organizations and other space allocation authorities on the UWM campus for student organization reservations. Should a student organization want to reserve academic classroom space or space within the Peck School of the Arts complex, Event Services is the first step in the process.  For more information on the policies that govern the use of these spaces, please review the Union Space Usage Guidelines page under policies and procedures.

Student Organization Pricing