Need ROAR Access?

All UWM academic and university staff may request a ROAR account by:

1. Navigating to and sign in in the upper right corner
2. Filling out the ROAR Access Request Form.

You will receive an email from ROAR once your account has been created; please allow for at least 1 full business day. Check out the ROAR Quick Start Guide to familiarize yourself with the program.

 What if I am a UWM student?

  • Student Employees:
    Student employees require verification from their supervisors to confirm that they are employed at UWM and use ROAR for their job before an account can be created. In addition to the two steps above which are required to set up a ROAR account, also have your supervisor email ROAR to verify employment.
  • Student Orgs:
    Student Organizations interested in requesting the use of a General Assignment Classroom must make their requests through Student Union Event Services at or 414-229-4828. If a student organization is renewed for the upcoming academic year, a listed authorized signer for the org can request classroom space by navigating to and fill out the ‘Classroom Request For Student Organizations’ form. If unsure as to whether an organization is renewed or who is an authorized signer, stop by Student Involvement before submitting a request.
  • PSOA Students:
    PSOA students should follow these detailed instructions to find recital space.

For questions, contact for assistance