Panther Presence

The Campus Labs Engage system for student organizations will go offline on Friday, April 12, 2019. The replacement product, called Presence, will be online shortly after Engage is offline. There is likely to be a period of days when no system will be online for student organizations. During this period, student organizations can make use of online forms by Clicking Here.

Panther Presence six words

Panther Presence login page: Click Here

What does this mean for my student organization?

A changeover of systems like this includes a very large data migration. The larger the data set, the more likely that an error will occur.

  • Save a copy of all photos. They can be reloaded in the new system.
  • Save important documents that are in Engage. They can be reloaded in the new system
  • Update and save the membership roster information. This information will transfer but errors may occur so a back up copy is desirable.

Student Involvement is encouraging organizations to use their spring SAC grants before April 12. All grant types (operations, travel and events) should be set up for use (including placing orders, reserving hotels, contracts, etc.) before April 10, 2019. 

Why is this happening now?

Campus organizations and departments have been using Engage since May 2018. The move to Engage was made because the product UWM had been using was being discontinued.

Dissatisfaction with the Engage product has been wide spread. The changes that impacted the SAC grant process were particularly difficult to address. Students and staff have had a multitude of issues with the system’s performance.

Normally, Student Involvement would wait until summer to make the change to a new system of this nature. However, the student dissatisfaction and complaints regarding the current system have lead us to the decision to change products as soon as possible.

What happens after the transition?

Student Involvement will be working with student organizations to meet their needs for the last four weeks of the semester.

Over the summer, Student Involvement will customize the new system to fit the needs of UWM. We plan to have the new system customized and operating before students arrive for the start of the fall semester.