Leave Your Mark

Leave Your Mark: Leadership Experience

Participated in a Student Leadership Program and looking for the next step?
Try our NEW
experience-based program designed to create positive change in our community.

What’s in it for me? 

  • Use your existing experience – something you are already doing – for the experiential portion of this program. You don’t need to add something new to your plate 
  • Your participation in this program can (and should!) go on your resume as tangible Leadership Experience, something most employers and grad programs love to see 
  • Develop a relationship with a Leadership Coach, building a foundation for an excellent letter of recommendation
  • Deepen learning in leadership by moving from theoretical to hands-on learning 
  • Learn about the Social Change Model as you create positive change 
  • Upon completion, you will get a framed certificate and a lapel pin which can be worn at graduation – so fancy!  

Eligibility and Prerequisites 

  • Students must have at least two semesters of time at UWM remaining
  • Have completed one or more Student Leadership Program
  • Participate in an application/interview to determine fit for this experience 
  • Have an existing connection, role or leadership position at a workplace, internship, community organization or student organization 

Just fill out the Leave Your Mark Form and we will confirm your attendance with you.

Questions? Contact us at leadership-program@uwm.edu.