From College to Career, Transitioning Your UWM Experience

Registration for Fall 2021 will open in September.

Target Audience Graduating Seniors who participated in involvement opportunities outside of the classroom (example: campus job, student organization, church organization, community service, etc).

Program Purpose Help seniors connect what they learned at UWM to their career

Time Commitment 5 week program (October 1  – November 5)

  •          Friday, October 1:  Know Your Strengths
  •          Friday, October 8:  Develop Your Leadership Philosophy
  •          Week of October 11-15:  Individual Reflection Meeting
  •          Friday, October 22:  Marketing Your Experience
  •          Week of November 1 – November 5:  Final Presentation

During this 5-week program you will:

  • Identify and market your top 5 strengths
  • Make connections between your college experiences and career
  • Construct a resume tailored to your career goals and learn about job searching and interviewing virtually
  • Have opportunities to connect with working professional
  • Obtain a certificate of completion and an optional letter of recommendation

What do past participants have to say about the program?

The program was a wonderful opportunity. I had the chance to reflect on my higher education, discover new strengths about myself, gain feedback on my resume from administrative professionals, and collaborate with other students.
The program gave me a chance to reflect on my education, polish my resume, and prepare myself to be a leader beyond graduation.
I gained a lot of insight on who I am as a leader. This allowed me to reflect to see what different qualities I can change or add to become an even better leader for the communities I want to serve.

If you have questions, please contact Student Leadership Programs at