COMPASS: UWM’s Organization Development Program

Take your organization to the next level with COMPASS, Student Involvement’s Organization Development Program. We provide the roadmap- you choose where you take it! This program encourages individual and organizational involvement in experiences that both enhance professional skills and promote organizational success.

Organizations can opt into new experiences like high-impact executive board coaching and workshops, as well as earn credit for the things they already do like annual renewal and hosting regular membership meetings. All of these experiences earn organizations credit towards a higher organization level status, each of which comes with additional benefits and rewards.

Learn about the 3 focus areas of the COMPASS below and pick one to get started today!


Getting Stuff Done is all about the basics. Organizations can get credit for:


Leadership Development is all about investing in your leaders, elected or otherwise. Organizations can get credit for:

  • Hosting a workshop from a campus or community partner
    • All workshops will be offered virtually due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Attending a professional conference related to your organization’s mission
  • Participating in Organization Officer training sessions or Executive Board training
  • Setting SMART goals every semester: Goal Setting Worksheet
  • Meeting with your organization liaison or advisor

Membership Experience is all about transforming your organization from just “something you did in college” into a powerful developmental experience worthy of your professional resume. Organizations can get credit for:

  • Hosting a large event (public or private)
  • Participating in Community Service or fundraising for a philanthropic cause
  • Hosting regular organization membership meetings
  • Participating in the Fall or Winter Involvement Fair
  • Completing True North DEI Self Audit for RSOs and meeting with your liaison to discuss your results


Check out our list of workshops for the Spring 2024 Semester, designed to help improve skills and support your organization’s growth.

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Wow! So many awesome things to do, so little time! So, how do you earn credit for participating in the Organization Development Program and what benefits are your organization eligible for?

NEW! The Compass Roadmap provides a step-by-step guide for your organization to level up.

Benefits for Participating Organizations

For every checklist item that your organization completes each academic year, your organization can receive points. Complete a checklist item = get a point! Get a point = make progress towards a higher organization status! A higher organization status = more rewards and benefits for your organization!

Three Star Organizations stick to the basics. Organizations in this category:

  • Complete Annual Organization Renewal
  • Adhere to dates and deadlines throughout the year
  • Elect new officers annually

Three Star organizations are recognized student organizations (RSOs) and maintain access to all resources available and accessible to RSOs at UWM.

Four Star Organizations take it to the next level. To qualify as a Four Star Organization, organizations must have 2 or more points each in “Getting Stuff Done”, “Leadership Development”, and “Membership Experience”. Four Star organizations receive priority reservations for the Fall or Winter Involvement Fair and recognition at the Student Excellence Awards.

Five Star Organizations are our busiest organizations on campus! Organizations in this category have 3 or more points each in “Getting Stuff Done”, “Leadership Development”, and “Membership Experience”. Five Star organizations receive promotion in Student Involvement publications, priority reservations for the Fall or Winter Involvement Fair, and recognition at the Student Excellence Awards.

Six Star Organizations receive all the benefits of being a five-star organization plus the following: 

  • Customized membership campaign plan in consultation with Student Involvement and Marketing Services
  • Two clear plastic 8.5×11 frames for your information tabling
  • 300 vinyl sticks with your organization name and image. Stickers can go on laptops or be used to make your own swag by adding them to water bottles, pens, keychains, etc.
  • Making Presence work summer orientation for you, consultation with Student Involvement

Seven Star Organizations are eligible for all the benefits of a six-star organization plus the following:

  • Photo session to build your social media image library (Student Involvement)
  • Marketing to your target audience, consultation with Marketing Services.
  • Teambuilding fall start-up session with Student Involvement Leadership Programs (must be scheduled by May 1 for fall)

Eight Star Organizations are the super super star organizations on campus! The additional benefits at this level include:

  • Bluetooth card swiper
  • Branding your organization, consultation with Marketing Services
Annual Accreditation

Every year in April, Student Involvement asks organizations to submit their Compass Annual Accreditation on Presence. The organization can submit items for accreditation at any time and multiple submissions are allowed. In order to verify your status for the following academic year and maintain access to your benefits, your organization must complete the Accreditation Form by April 10th.

Access the Accreditation Form at!

Check Your Org Status

Coming soon! You’ll be able to check your organization’s level status and the associated benefits here in Spring 2024.