Available Services & Resources

Organization Storage Lockers

Student organizations that want to be considered for a metal storage locker in the Student Union, must submit an Space Request Form to Student Involvement each spring through Presence. The term of the lease is one year and will terminate on the end date. A group with an existing metal storage locker has no guarantee that they will be reassigned the same space for the following year. Student organizations should not invest in any item or promotional material that would indicate this is a permanent space for the group. Metal lockers are to be used for student organization business only.

Web and Technology

All registered Student Organizations have a portal in Panther Presence and each portal comes with a public facing page which acts as a website. The organization’s public page is easy to setup and updates automatically as you add content in Presence with access set to Public.

The contents of documents and pages must not violate any applicable laws and regulations, must not constitute a copyright or trademark infringement, or otherwise violate any local, state or federal laws.


Media Equipment Distribution: University Information Technology Services (UITS) Student organizations may rent media equipment for use in general access classrooms and request use of general access mediated classrooms. Available equipment includes: Data/Video projectors and monitors; DVD players, VCRs, laptops, and document cameras; Portable PAs and microphones.

For more information on media equipment and mediated classrooms see: www.classroomsupport.uwm.edu For more information regarding pricing and availability, contact Classroom Support at 414-229-2382. To place an order, student organizations must first contact Student Involvement to arrange billing.

Media Equipment Rental – UWM Student Union
Audiovisual aids, lecterns, screens, blackboards, and laptops are types of equipment which can be reserved through Union Event Services 414-229-4828 when a group uses Union space for a conference or a meeting. The Union schedules the audiovisual equipment. Union equipment may be used only in the Union building.

Managing Mail

Mail for registered student organizations is collected through Student Involvement. The official address for student organizations mailing must be in this format:

(Name of the Student Organization)
c/o Student Involvement, Union 351
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
P. O. Box 413 Milwaukee, WI 53201

Important University announcements, as well as incoming U.S. mail, are delivered to the address above. Packages are also delivered to Student Involvement. Packages are to be picked up as soon as you are notified. If packages are not picked up promptly, they will be returned to sender.

Organization mail maybe pick up at the Student Involvement front desk at Union 351. You will need to be a verified officer of an organization and present a valid Photo ID to be eligible to get your packages or US mail.

Receiving Mail in Other Locations

Student organizations may have their group’s mailing address changed from their to a mailing location in another building on campus with special permission. In order to change the mailing address, organizations must complete a Mailbox Waiver Form. Student Involvement and Mail Services will not be held responsible for any delays or problems resulting from an organization changing its mailing address from a to another location. Although this service may provide convenience, student groups need to be aware of the following:

    •  Mail may take an additional 3-5 days to be delivered;
    •  Increased chance of mail being lost;
    •  Departments may not allow student organization mail to be delivered to their administrative offices.
Request an Interpreter

The Accessibility Resource Center will be coordinating sign language interpreting and captioning services for students and campus departments.

Please take a look at their new online form for requests!

Bulletin Boards

A full list of bulletin boards on UWM’s campus can be found here: Bulletin Boards