What is Renewal?

Renewal is when Registered Student Organizations re-register for the following academic year. In order to keep RSO status, all student organizations must meet all of the requirements that are laid out in the Road to Renewal, a marketing concept to help guide you through all of the steps (listed in the drop-down menu below) before September 26th at 12:00pm!

Road to Renewal: Step-By-Step Process
  • Organization Registration
    • This Presence form allows you to update all information regarding your Primary Officers, Faculty/Staff Advisor, or student organization itself. Only one Primary Officer needs to submit this form in order to start your journey on the Road to Renewal!
  • Officer Onboarding
    • This Presence form combines what were previously called the Officer Training and Officer Contract. Each of the 4 Primary Officers must individually submit this form in order to be considered eligible for officer status.
  • Advisor Contract
    • This Presence form must be submitted by your Faculty/Staff Advisor to confirm that they will serve as your Advisor for the coming academic year.
  • Student Org Conference Night
    • One member from each organization is required to attend Student Organization Conference Night on September 18th for Renewal, but this event is so much more than just a check off that box. This is an awesome opportunity for you to choose session topics that will help you succeed in your role, learn about on-campus resources, and connect with other leaders. We hope you take advantage of this opportunity! The program will begin at 4:30pm, but you can arrive early to check on your renewal status and learn about on-campus resources at the pre-conference resource fair 4:00-4:30pm on the 2nd floor of the union. There will also be a SAC Grant Training offered from 7:15-8:15 pm. This training is optional for student org conference night, but it is MANDATORY for an executive board member to attend if you will be applying for a grant. Save the date September 18th and watch for more information!


What Could Hold My RSO Back from Getting Renewed?

  • Debt
    • Chances are your RSO does not have debt. Please click on this link and then click on “RSOs with Debt” to see if your RSO’s name is on the list. To pay debt, please bring exact cash (we cannot provide change) or a check made out to “UW-Milwaukee” to Student Involvement in Union 355.
  • Name Changes
    • If you try to alter your Registered Student Organization’s name on the Organization Registration form, this will complicate your progress on the Road to Renewal. If your RSO wants to change its official name

What is Renewal Express?

One of the fastest ways to travel the Road to Renewal is to take the Renewal Express! We will have 3 Renewal Express sessions during the month of September 2019. Come with all 4 officers, and leave with everything completed! Even if you don’t have all 4 officers, these events are still great opportunities to ask questions and make sure you’ve done all that is expected of you.

  • Student Involvement in Union 355 on Friday, September 13th from 12:00pm – 4:00pm
  • EMS Building in the Kulwicki room on Tuesday, September 17th from 3:30pm – 6:00pm
  • Final Call for Renewal Express in the Union Rec Center on Wednesday, September 25th from 6:00pm – 9:00pm
    • Happening a day before the Renewal Deadline, this is your last chance to finish all of the steps on the Road to Renewal!

How Can I Find Out Where My RSO Is on the Road to Renewal?

This year, we are providing a Road to Renewal Progress Tracking chart! To see what step in the Road to Renewal your RSO is on, please refer to this chart. Please communicate with your fellow Primary Officers to figure out exactly what still needs to be done. It is important that you use the chart to track your own progress; the Student Involvement Front Desk needs to focus our attention on processing the 300+ RSOs’ forms and information so that we are ready for the new year!


Registering an Inactive Organization

An organization that previously operated at UWM but is now inactive must apply with Student Involvement to reactivate the group.

This involves the same steps as registering a new organization. However, the students who want to reactivate the inactive organization may want to obtain copies of any governing documents, previous registration paperwork, or other important documents Student Involvement. These documents can be used to register the group or can be modified to update the group’s governing documents prior to the registration process being completed.