What is Renewal?

Renewal is when Registered Student Organizations re-register for the following academic year. In order to keep RSO status, all student organizations must meet all of the requirements before September 30, 2021 at noon!

See where your organization is at in the renewal process by viewing our Public Renewal Tracker.

Renewal: Step-By-Step Process
  • ANNUAL ORG RENEWAL – due September 30th at NOON:
      • Update Officer Information and Organization Profile
      • Officer Onboarding on the Student Organization Training Portal
        • Go through the Officer Training PowerPoint in detail, take the Officer Training Quiz in the Training Portal, and get an 80% to complete your Officer Onboarding. Once you’ve received an 80% on the quiz, head to Presence to complete your Officer Contract. Each of the 4 Primary Officers must complete the training, receive 80%, AND individually submit an Officer Contract in order to be considered eligible for officer status.
      •  Advisor Contract
        • This Presence form must be submitted by your Faculty/Staff Advisor to confirm that they will serve as your Advisor for the coming academic year.
      • Student Org Virtual Conference Experience (Available beginning September 1)
        • Student Involvement has taken the traditional Org Conference Night Virtual again for 2021.  Assign at least one officer to complete the “Virtual Org Conference Experience” in the Student Organization Training Portal on Canvas and follow up to ensure it was done.
        • Tip: Student feedback on this program has been that participating has significantly improved their effectiveness as an officer. As a result, we recommend that every officer utilize this resource to make your year easier and your org leadership experience better.

What Could Hold My RSO Back from Getting Renewed?

  • Data Errors
    • Be sure you have entered the 9-digit (and only 9-digits) of each officer’s Student ID number. Double check emails entered to make sure they are correct. Simple errors cause delays.
  • Debt
    • Chances are your RSO does not have debt, but all organization debt must be resolved before an organization can renew.
  • Name Changes
    • If you try to alter your Registered Student Organization’s name when updating your Organization Profile, this will complicate your progress on the Road to Renewal. If your RSO wants to change its official name, please contact Student Involvement at activities@uwm.edu.
Renewing an Inactive Organization

An organization that previously operated at UWM but is now inactive must apply with Student Involvement to reactivate the group.

This involves the same steps as updating your Organization Profile. However, the students who want to reactivate the inactive organization may want to obtain copies of any governing documents, previous organization paperwork, or other important documents Student Involvement.