Research Symposium 2023

The annual research symposium of Chemistry and Biochemistry department was successfully held on 27th and 28th April, 2023, featuring a variety of insightful presentations and discussions on cutting-edge research topics. The graduate student council (Michelle Meyer, Nicholas Britt, Dishary Sharmin, Sepideh Rezvanian, Prithu Mondal, and Towheedur Rahman) organized a well-planned and engaging research symposium, featuring diverse topics and knowledgeable presenters that captivated the audience.

The Kenwood IRC Atrium was the perfect venue for the all-day Research Symposium, which featured two engaging poster sessions that showcased the innovative research being conducted by talented students and researchers. The poster presentations were evaluated by a distinguished panel of judges, including Dr. Kimberle Agle (Church & Dwight), Matida Bojang (Medical College of Wisconsin), Dr. Megan Josephine Corby (Abbott Laboratories), Cole Gardner (Shimadzu), Caitlyn Goetsch (alumna), Dr. Paul House (UW Whitewater), Dr. Scott Krabbee (MilliporeSigma), Dr. Eric Lund (Abbott & alumna), Dr. Avik Roy (Simmaron), Dr. Jason Sidabras (Medical College of Wisconsin), Yilda Torres (A.O. Smith), Dr. Dian Wang (Marquette University), Abdi Wege (MilliporeSigma), Dr. Douglas Williamson (MilliporeSigma), and Bill Wobig (Thermo Fisher) whose diverse backgrounds and expertise provided insightful feedback and guidance for the presenters.

Undergraduate Student Poster Presenters

  • Ahmad Masoud, Arnold Research Group
  • Dina Karim, Arnold Research Group
  • Mira Beranek, Murphy Research Group
  • Molly Kiley, Arnold Research Group
  • Preston Burdett, Murphy Research Group
  • Reuben Fortier, Saha Research Group
  • Sarah Swartwout, Arnold Research Group

Graduate Students Poster Presenters

  • Allison Tomczyk, Murphy Research Group
  • Brenden Chasteen, Woehl Research Group
  • Cody Beck, Murphy Research Group
  • Daniel Webb, Arnold Research Group
  • Dishary Sharmin, Cook Research Group
  • Ethan Kowalczyk, Arnold Research Group
  • Ethan Kub, Mirza Research Group
  • Johnathan Mielke, Wilcoxen Research Group
  • Kayode Medubi, Arnold Research Group
  • Leah Johnson, Blecking Research Group
  • Maija Lee, Arnold Research Group
  • Michelle Meyer, Arnold Research Group
  • Mujidat Shittu, Frick Research Group
  • Prithu Mondal, Cook Group
  • Stephen Tochi Nkwocha, Pacheco Research Group
  • Taufeeque Ali, Peng Research Group
  • Tye Seideman, Hossain Research Group

After the conclusion of the Research Symposium, the graduate student council organized the annual Award Day Ceremony in CHM 180 to recognize the outstanding achievements of the award winners. The ceremony began with welcoming remarks from Dr Kristin Murphy, the Chair of the department, who expressed her gratitude towards the students for their hard work and dedication. Following the welcoming remarks, faculty members took the stage to present the awards and speak about the notable accomplishments of each recipient. The faculty members highlighted the students’ exceptional research work, academic achievements, leadership skills, and community service activities.

The Award Day Ceremony was a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge the remarkable contributions of the students and celebrate their successes in front of their peers and professors. It was a joyous occasion that left everyone feeling proud and inspired.

Undergraduate Awards:

Outstanding Performance in Introductory Chemistry: Jena Choi presented by Prof. Kristen Murphy

UWM Chemistry Award for Outstanding Performance in Biochemistry: Grace Geiger presented by Prof. David Frick

UWM Chemistry Award for Outstanding Performance in Inorganic Chemistry: Cora Norrbom (not pictured)

Peter Kovacic Scholarship for Outstanding Performance in Organic Chemistry: Benjamin James Nelson

Ralf Vanselow Award for Outstanding Performance in Physical Chemistry: Brenden Chasteen presented by Prof. Jorg Woehl

Chemistry Emeritus Award for Outstanding Junior: Mira Beranek presented by Prof. Kristen Murphy

Outstanding Senior Chemistry Award: Ahmad Masoud presented by Prof. Alexander Arnold

Durward Layde Memorial Fellowship: Caleb Pacheco


Undergraduate Posters:

1st Place – Sponsored by Promega: Sarah Swartwout (not pictured)

2nd Place – Sponsored by Function Therapeutics: Preston Burdett presented by Chris Dockendorff

3rd Place – Sponsored by MilliporeSigma, Milwaukee: Mira Beranek presented by Dr. Douglas Williamson

Graduate Awards:

Teaching Assistant Award for Chemistry Discussions: Bradley Dimock presented by Prof. Anja Blecking

Teaching Assistant Award for Chemistry Laboratories: A.F.M. Towheedur Rahman presented by Prof. Anja Blecking

Gloria Moczynski Teaching Assistant Award in Chemistry Supplemental Instruction: Leah Johnson presented by Prof. Anja Blecking

George Sosnovsky Award for Excellence in Graduate Research: Daniel Webb presented by Prof. Alexander Arnold


Graduate Posters:

1st Place – Sponsored by Church & Dwight: Daniel Webb presented by Dr. Kimberle Agle

2nd Place – Sponsored by Simmaron Research: Kayode Medubi presented by Dr. Avik Roy

3rd Place – Sponsored by MilliporeSigma, Sheboygan: Taufeeque Ali presented by Dr. Douglas Williamson

Guest Speaker for the Sosnovsky Lectureship – Olivera (Olja) J. Finn & Professor Alexander (Leggy) Arnold