High Throughput Screening

Contact Alexander (Leggy) Arnold
E-mail arnold2@uwm.edu
Location CHM 844
Phone (414) 229 2612

Our facility supports the semi-automated execution of high-throughput screening (HTS) of chemical libraries to identify potential inhibitors (or activators) of medically-relevant target molecules. The compounds indentified in this way can then be developed into drug leads.


The Tecan EVO150 is the core instrument enabling us to integrate plate readers (Tecan M1000), bulk liquid dispensers (BioTek MircoFlo), Pin Tools (VP-Scientific), and other instrumentation (e.g. Ionflux, Fluxion) to execute assays in order to determine the activities of chemicals and biologics. Liquids can be transferred using 8- and 96-channel systems. Plates and other labware can be repositioned automatically using the robotic gripper of the EVO150.


A number of small-molecule libraries are present to support our investigators. Pharmacologically active compounds, combined as a LOPAC library, can be screened to find new biological probes or as pilot screens for assay validation. Additionally, we have custom libraries of compounds synthesized at UWM and compounds bought from small compound library vendors (e.g. Life Chemicals, ChemDiv, and ChemBridge).