The Science House at UWM

The Science House at UWM (est. 2015) is an initiative of the natural science departments to support in-service teachers in surrounding school districts, predominantly the Milwaukee Public School District (MPS).

The UWM Science House will be designed to be a place where educators can be trained on how to safely and effectively implement technology-rich exploratory activities in their own classrooms, engage in formal and informal consultation and professional development with academics and industry representatives, and discuss education issues. The UWM Science House will provide the expertise, training, materials, and support needed to engage teachers as learners, empowering them to see themselves as “STEM-capable” – capable of answering complex questions and solving complex problems, thus empowering their students to do that same. We recognize that science in the classroom needs to be more like science in the real-world; fewer but richer problems, developed at a high level of competence, which the learner sees as relevant to their lives.

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