Spring 2024 Colloquia

January 26, 2024
Dr. Michael Geline
Northern Illinois University
Title: A finite geometry problem from some conjectures of Brauer

February 2, 2024
Dr. Eva Goaedhart
Franklin & Marshall College
Title: A Tree Approach to Solving Diophantine Equations

February 16, 2024
Dr. Bogdan Nica
Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis
Title: Elementary Matrix Operations on a Napkin

February 23, 2024
Mr. Bart Adrian
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Title: Encouraging Student Interest in STEM in Elementary, Middle and High School Classrooms

March 1, 2024
Dr. Selvi Kara
Bryn Mawr College
Title: Combinatorial Resolutions of Monomial Ideals

March 8, 2024
Dr. Emmanuel Asante-Asamani
Clarkson University
Title: A Mechanochemical Model of Cell Migration in Confined Environments

March 15, 2024
Dr. Jean Pierre Mutanguha
Title: The Dynamical view of Free-by-Cyclic Groups

March 29, 2024
Dr. Jay Pantone
Marquette University
Title: Experimental Methods in Combinatorics

April 12, 2024
Prof. Yoichiro Mori
University of Pennsylvania
Title: Mathematical Modeling of Cell Volume Control and Electrolyte Balance

April 23, 2024
Prof. Roger Howe
Yale University
Title: Mathematics around the Heisenberg Group

April 26, 2024
Prof. Fredric Ancel
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Title: A Pythagorean Theorem for Volume

May 3, 2024
Prof. Genevieve Walsh
Tufts University
Title: Hyperbolic groups, their boundaries and drilling