Financial Support

Financial support in the form of Fellowships, Teaching Assistantships, and Research Assistantships is awarded on a competitive basis. All applicant to the program will automatically be considered for each of these types of award. Awards are renewable for students making satisfactory progress in their degree programs. In a typical year, 20-30 of these awards are given to new students entering the program. For more details on these forms of financial aid click here. In addition, students may apply for other forms of financial aid such as loans by contacting the Department of Financial Aid or a third party.


Admissions are made on a rolling basis, so there are no hard deadlines. Nevertheless, most offers of Teaching assistantships, Research Assistantships, and Fellowships are made during the Spring Semester for students who will begin their studies the following Fall. In order to maximize chances of obtaining the best possible financial aid package it is recommended that the university-wide application be completed by January 15 and the departmental application by January 31. Later applicants with good credentials will be considered for admission and financial aid subject to availability. Similarly, students wishing to begin their studies in the Spring Semester will be considered for admission; a small pool of financial aid is usually available for students beginning in the Spring.

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Graduate Grievance Procedures

Federal law and UWM policy require programs and departments to have procedures for graduate students to appeal academic decisions such as grades or scholastic standing. These procedures ensure the protection of students’ rights. These pages serve as a reference on procedures for graduate student academic appeals.
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