Applied Mathematics & Computer Science

A Career in Advanced Technology

Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (AMCS) is a special degree intended to give students advanced knowledge and skill in the technical fields that require analytical math and computer science. It contains in-depth study in two colleges, yet the degree retains the flavor of a liberal arts degree through humanities and social science course requirements that go beyond the minimal required by the University’s general education requirements. The computer science course work will both strengthen the application of mathematics in problem solving and, in turn, be enhanced by the analytical skills acquired through the applied math course work.

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The primary objective of the Applied Mathematics and Computer Science degree is to educate students who are better able to do problem solving in the technical fields that require skills in both analytical math and computer science. Another significant objective is to graduate students who have acquired these skills in the context of a program designed around their own interests. To accomplish the first of these objectives, students must gain a solid foundation in both applied mathematics and computer science that includes opportunities for integrated course work and/or practical experience. Achieving the second objective requires the assistance of qualified advisors who can help students select courses appropriate for the employment of scientific, engineering, economic, or statistical applications to businesses and industries of specific interest to each student. The range of course work available through the two departments as well as the wide array of liberal arts courses available at the University will support the development of analytical and computing skills in a variety of fields.

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