Graduate Student Conference Travel Awards Program


The Department of Mathematical Sciences Travel Award program, subjected to the availability of departmental funds, offers limited funding to our full time master’s and doctoral students for presenting and /or attending graduate program related conferences. Such activities are an important part of the professional development of graduate students, offering opportunities to establish professional networks, contacts for collaborative research, and sources of potential future employment. The Department typically supports one trip per student per academic year.


  • Full time graduate student in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at UWM
  • Travel must be discussed and approved by the student’s advisor
  • Students must attempt to apply for funding from other sources, such as the UWM Graduate School Travel Support Program
  • Submit application prior to the conference

Application Procedure

Students are encouraged to submit applications at least 2 months before the event. See below for application process:

  1. Conference Travel Award Application
  2. Apply for additional support
  3. Meet with Katie for travel arrangements before making any travel plans or booking.

Selection Process

Preference will be given to:

  • Students presenting at a conference (either oral or poster).
  • Students who have not received a department conference travel award before.

Travel Guidelines

Awardees must comply with the State and campus travel policies and procedures and any other Department instructions. Students planning to drive personal vehicles or rental cars must be registered and authorized by UWM. See the Drivers and Vehicles Web site.