Math Placement

Placement Levels

Math Placement Levels are used as prerequisites for many lower division Mathematical Sciences courses at UW-Milwaukee.

For current math placement level definitions (along with math placement test score to math placement level conversion chart, and math course recommendations by program or by level), please visit Math Placement Details.

A placement level can be achieved in several ways:

  • Earning a certain score on the Math Placement Test.
  • Attaining certain scores on standardized test such as AP or IB.
  • Transfer course work.
  • UWM math courses.

More details on each of these options are below.

Placement Testing

Students who place well can test out of certain general education requirements or begin their studies at a higher level.

For new freshmen or transfer and returning students, placement test scores may possibly be supplemented with ACT Mathematics subsection scores. The Mathematics Placement Test is administered by the Registrar’s Office Academic Services. Policies, in particular retest policies on the mathematics placement test, can be found here.

Use the following links to view sample items and to learn more about the mathematics placement test:

Standardized Testing

Attaining certain scores on standardized testing such as Advanced Placement (AP),  International Baccalaureate (IB), or CLEP may be used for math placement. You can view UW-Milwaukee’s AP/IB score acceptance policy here and our CLEP policy here.

Transfer Credit Assessment

Contact the math department undergraduate advisors to have credits earned at another institution assessed. Some courses in the UW-System have already been evaluated. Search the UW Transfer Information System for your courses.

Course Work at UWM

Course work at UWM can factor into your placement level. See Math Placement Details.