History of Our Graduate Program

The Mathematics Department had the first Master’s degree program and then later the first Ph.D. program at UWM. You can read “an account of the behind-the-scenes acts which aided in the development of UWM’s present graduate school” written in 1990 by Professor Morris Marden, who is generally considered to be the founder of our graduate program and of our department as a research department. He sent this document along with other documents to be deposited in the UWM Graduate School files in 1990. The department sponsors an annual lecture named for Prof. Marden. The lecture is free and open to the public.

Classical Math Lectures

John Littlewood’s Lectures

Prof. John E. Littlewood was a Visiting Knapp Professor in our Department from September to December 1966.  During his time here, he taught a course entitled Research Problems in Real and Complex Analysis Prelude on Background and Methods, Notation and other Preliminaries.

He also gave 3 public lectures here during that semester.  One was The Mathematician’s Art of Work.  It was later published in the Rockefeller University Review (September – October 1967).

A number of documents related to John Littlewood’s time at UWM can be found here, including correspondences and lecture notes.