Opportunities for Majors/Minors

Get involved

  • Math Club (for info, contact Prof. Pinter gapinter@uwm.edu)
  • Actuarial Club (for info, contact Prof. Panos Skordi, skordi@uwm.edu)
  • Tutoring – tutor for lower level classes Math 115-Math234; if interested go here– we require B or better in Math through 234/240
  • Departmental colloquia, seminars, events: See the “News & Events” section of our main page. [Marden lecture each spring, Open Advising each term, etc.]

Get advice

  • We have 3 majors in our department: Mathematics, Actuarial Science, and Applied Math & Computer Science (a joint program with CEAS).
  • We have 2 minors: Mathematics and Actuarial Science.
  • Please click here to join our mailing list math-ugrads@uwm.edu if you aren’t already a declared major or minor!
  • Declare your major/minor! If your transcript/academic information on paws says “Intended” or something like “Mathematics BS – Int” you’re not declared!  Attend walk-in advising hours to officially declare your major/minor and make a plan!

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Research Opportunities:

Scholarships, Awards

  • The Department of Mathematical Sciences offers a number of scholarships and awards. View them here.
  • Students are encouraged to log into the UWM Scholarship Portal at https://uwm.academicworks.com/ regularly to identify opportunities that they match with. Scholarships are given by multiple offices at UWM including the Alumni Association, Chancellor’s Office, Financial Aid, the Math Department and others, but all are listed in the portal. By keeping your profile up to date in the portal, you will be matched to anything you qualify for.

Graduate School

Study Abroad