Opportunities for Majors/Minors

Get involved

  • Math Club (for info, contact Prof. Pinter gapinter@uwm.edu)
  • Actuarial Club (for info, contact Prof. Panos Skordi, skordi@uwm.edu)
  • Tutoring – tutor for lower level classes Math 115-Math234; if interested go here– we require B or better in Math through 234/240
  • Departmental colloquia, seminars, events: See the “News & Events” section of our main page. [Marden lecture each spring, Open Advising each term, etc.]

Get advice

  • We have 3 majors in our department: Mathematics, Actuarial Science, and Applied Math & Computer Science (a joint program with CEAS).
  • We have 2 minors: Mathematics and Actuarial Science.
  • Please click here to join our mailing list math-ugrads@uwm.edu if you aren’t already a declared major or minor!
  • Declare your major/minor! If your transcript/academic information on paws says “Intended” or something like “Mathematics BS – Int” you’re not declared!  Attend walk-in advising hours to officially declare your major/minor and make a plan!

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Research Opportunities:

Scholarships, Awards

Graduate School

Study Abroad