Prepare for a rewarding career teaching mathematics in grades 6 through 12 (Early Adolescence through Adolescence – EAA) with the Mathematics Teacher Education Program.

Mathematics Teacher candidates have the unique opportunity to experience hands-on classroom-based field work and student teaching with middle and high schools for a full school year. After satisfactorily completing the program requirements, you will meet the Wisconsin teacher certification requirements for grades 6 through 12 (EAA).

The United States needs to train 100k STEM Teachers in 10 Years (PDF)

UWM Mathematics Teacher Education Program Is Designed For

  • Undergraduates who are completing a degree at UWM, or another institution
  • Post-baccalaureates (who already have a degree in science, mathematics or engineering) who want to become certified to teach through videoconferencing technology, or attending on-campus courses, or a combination of both.
  • Post-baccalaureates who want certification, but also wish to complete many of their credits for a Masters Degree, and finish the M.S. shortly after beginning their first teaching job.
  • Post-baccalaureate from anywhere in Wisconsin or Northern Illinois.
  • Veterans, active military, Guards and Reserve — this program compliments the Department of Defense Troops to Teachers.
  • Teachers on an emergency, or substitute license, teaching at a public or private school, who wish to obtain a science or mathematics teaching license.

For post-baccalaureates, and contracted but unlicensed teachers – If you have a science, mathematics, or engineering degree and wish to obtain a science or mathematics teaching license, or if you are unlicensed and teaching on-the-job, you can join our certification program from any location within Wisconsin and complete the certification program within one year, while working full time. Our highly acclaimed program, MACSTEP 2.0, is now using videoconferencing technology so future mathematics and science teachers can participate in real-time classes from home, or their school, using a camera on their computer, and a reliable Wi-Fi connection in order to Zoom into class.

You will be interacting with a cohort of certification students and the instructors, while working through modules and assignments in order to complete course credits and fieldwork experiences. You can complete fieldwork and student teaching close to where you live, or at your on-the-job school while functioning as an unlicensed contracted teacher.

Why UWM Mathematics Education?

  • World-class, cutting-edge, research-based teacher education curriculum taught by expert and experienced mathematics educators.
  • Preparation to teach in Wisconsin and beyond with a focus on Common Core Mathematics and high-cognitive demand tasks that engage all learners.
  • Quality field experience supervisors and exceptional cooperating teachers.
  • You can earn certification in as few as three semesters (summer, fall, spring) with flexible and convenient evening and summer course offerings with cohorts of students and instructors.
  • Rigorous preparation for future employment in a variety of settings working with a diverse group of students.
  • Perfect for a diverse array of teacher candidates. We welcome undergraduates and transfer students, career-changers already holding a bachelor’s degree, and master’s degree candidates seeking a license to teach.


Undergraduate Program


Early Adolescence-Adolescence: Mathematics Education Academic Catalog Undergraduate Requirements

Academic Catalog Requirements Sheet

  • Visit the Academic Catalog webpage linked above, then click on the Print Options link in the lower right hand column
  • Click the Download Page (PDF) link
  • Print or save the condensed program requirements document

Post-Baccalaureate Program

Explore the Program Further!

Students who already hold a bachelor’s degree can earn their teaching certification by successfully completing our post-baccalaureate teaching certification program. It’s possible that coursework completed as part of your bachelor’s degree could be applied towards our program. Please complete the web form below to find out if any of your previous course work can be used to fulfill certification requirements.

Request for Transcript Evaluation Form (for post-baccalaureate students only)

Graduate Program

Can complete certification and most of a Master’s Degree in 3 semesters. Please contact Dr. Craig Berg for more information. See C&I Master’s degree program.


Program Admission Criteria

Undergraduate Students
  • 2.5 Cumulative Grade Point Average
  • 2.75 Grade Point Average in all Mathematics Content Courses
  • Additional Undergraduate Requirements for Admission, See Academic Advisor
  • Applications must be received by April 30
Post-Baccalaureate Students
  • Undergraduate degree in mathematics or equivalent
  • 2.5 Cumulative Grade Point Average
  • 2.75 Grade Point Average in all Mathematics Content Courses
  • Applications must be received by April 30
Graduate Students
  • Applications must be received by April 30

Application Process

Undergraduate Program

Please complete the admission review form linked below if you wish to begin your MACSTEP Mathematics Professional Sequence in the Summer 2022 Semester.

Mathematics Education Undergraduate Admission Review Form

Post-Baccalaureate Program

Follow the steps listed in the Mathematics Education Post-Baccalaureate Program Application (PDF). Applications must be received by April 30th.

Graduate Program

Can complete certification and most of a Master’s Degree in 3 semesters. Please contact Dr. Craig Berg for more information about the Graduate Program requirements. See C&I Master’s degree program. Applications must be received by April 30th.


profile photoCraig BergProfessorTeaching and Learning(414) 229-4047caberg@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 281
profile photoDeAnn HuinkerProfessor; DirectorTeaching and Learning; Center for Math & Science Education Research(414) 229-6646huinker@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 363


Program Information

For general information or questions about the program, contact:

Dr. Craig Berg
Mathematics Education & Milwaukee Collaborative Science and Mathematics Teacher Education Program Director

Admissions Information

For information or questions about admissions, contact:

Maggie Kaczmarek
Undergraduate Admissions Manager


To discuss your academic plan and coursework, contact an academic advisor:

Office of Student Services Advising
(414) 229-4721

Academic Advising
(Last names A – L) – Andrea Azarian
(Last names M – Z) – Tammy Badura