The MLC Resource Library provides interdisciplinary teaching materials for teacher candidates, practicing teachers, graduate students, and faculty of the School of Education who are MLC related. Those seeking instructional materials for student teachings, field placements, or course assignments, are able to access this library. Such resources include picture books, chapter books, curriculum sets, and activity sets that can all be used to enhance teaching and learning practices. This library offers an online cataloging system where users can search through various materials and check items in and out.

The Multiliteracy, Language, and Culture groups in the School of Education have collaborated to build this invaluable resource and building a committee to serve the UWM community. This MLC Resource Library has the potential to impact students’ readiness in the field of teaching and promote culturally engaged teaching and learning.


To provide teaching resources that support multicultural and multilingual teaching practices, that contribute to the mission of improving education.


  • Provide educational workshops to enhance teaching practices.
  • Provide a professional and literacy rich-environment that will be used in coordination of course projects by faculty and students.
  • Facilitate cross-disciplinary collaboration around teaching materials and lesson planning.
  • Demonstrate how to organize learning materials that is both student-friendly and teacher-friendly.
  • Promote the evaluation of learning materials that best corresponds with students’ needs and interests.