The Council on Professional Education (CPE) is the development and coordinating body of the Comprehensive Assessment System for UWM programs leading to Wisconsin licensure in the areas of teacher education, administration and pupil services.

Faculty and staff representing UWM’s professional education licensure programs, along with student and community representatives, serve on the CPE. The CPE meets four times a year to review assessment data at the unit level, address issues pertinent to the programs and prepare programs for institutional review. The CPE also has several workgroups, both permanent and ad hoc, that support the larger group. The steering group sets the agendas for CPE meetings. The data management team oversees the collection and reporting of assessment data. Other groups address administrative and research needs of the CPE as they arise.

Core Guiding Principle

All programs at UWM leading to licensure by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction have adopted a unified guiding principle centered on advocating for and providing an equitable education to all students, within a culture of inspiration, high expectations, accountability and quality services. Individuals licensed through UWM demonstrate an understanding of the unique characteristics of urban contexts and keep issues of race, class, culture and language at the forefront of their work.

Candidates have substantive knowledge about the varieties of urban contexts and cultures, the forces that maintain poverty, and other powerful historic and contemporary beliefs and traditions that support discrimination in society. They understand how other social identities, including gender, disability, sexual orientation and religion, intersect with the forces of poverty, cultural traditions, language, and racism and lead to inequity in teaching and learning.

This urban education/equity principle is aligned with UWM’s commitment to the urban community and influences our interpretation of state licensing standards and how they are assessed. Throughout their programs and in their portfolios, candidates address the urban education/equity principle as they interpret the performance standards of the applicable license.

Assessment System

The assessment system for UWM’s professional education programs includes both candidate and program assessment. The Council on Professional Education goes through an annual cycle, reviewing data on pedagogical knowledge, exit and follow-up surveys, field experiences and job outlooks.

Link to DPI Educator Preparation Program and Workforce Analysis Report (PDF)