The School of Education offers several courses each semester that are perfect for UWM Undergraduate and first year students looking to make the most of their time in college.

These courses are open to all UWM undergraduate students, and many courses can be taken for GER credits!

First Year Courses

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Dr. Jackie Nguyen

  • Ed Psych 110: Planning your Major, Career – 3 credits
    • Haven’t decided on a major? This class can help!
    • Choosing a career is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. This class will make it easier. Gain deeper insight into the career planning process. Discover your “work personality.” Learn how to set and meet goals. Tap into campus resources and organizations. Connect with individuals working in your field of interest. Make the most of internships and volunteer opportunities. Learn how to craft to perfect resume. Graduate from UWM with the experience and skills you need to build a rewarding and successful career.
    • Educational Psychology First Year Courses Flyer (PDF)

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Dr. Nadya Fouad

Additional Undergraduate Courses

  • Ed Psych 212: Career Planning and Development for the Multicultural Workplace – 3 credits and satisfies GER-OWCB (oral and written competencies)
    • In this course students will gain an understanding of and preparation for today’s multicultural work environments, while also engaging in critical reflection on cultural identities, connecting personal history to social and historical forces, and understanding bias and oppression.
      • Develop awareness of different cultures and people in a professional setting.
      • Develop multicultural competence, particularly in areas such as communication, relationship building, and personal reflection in a rapidly changing workplace.
      • Improve writing skills in online discussions and essay format.
      • Class is taught partially online and meets once a week in-person.
      • Interactive homework assignments that have real-life applications.
  • Ed Psych 220: Positive Psychology in Context: Applications to Culture, Learning, and Development – 3 credits and satisfies GER-OWCB (oral and written competencies)
    • The growing field of positive psychology is taking the world by storm, from marketing to chronic pain management to education. More than just self-help and happiness, this course will dive into the science and application of positive psychology and all its dimensions: resilience, optimal learning, motivation, character, and overall psychological well-being. In addition to developing a deeper scientific understanding of positive psychology, you’ll learn how to apply its principles to enhance your own life and career.

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Dr. Jackie Nguyen

  • Ed Psych 301: Successful Career Transitions – Ideas, Exploration, and Strategies – 2 credits
    • Planning to graduate in the next couple of years? This class was created especially for Juniors and Seniors to begin transitioning from finishing their Bachelor’s Degree to entering the job market. This 2-credit, online course supports successful planning of life after graduation. Students will learn how to define a position of interest, create a resume, and research companies and employment opportunities. Other topics include exploring personal interests and values, standing out in the job market, and interviewing strategies.
  • Couns 403: Overview of Counseling Skills – 3 credits
    • A good listener is always in demand. This course will teach you the vital interpersonal skills necessary to succeed in the counseling field or other helping professions, including health sciences, nursing, social work, sociology, and teaching. But the skill of active listening — at the heart of counseling — is valuable for students of any major, whether you’re looking to simply improve conversations in the workplace or deepen your relationships with friends and family.

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Dr. Nadya Fouad

CEED-CDS Accelerated Master’s Degree Program

A BS in Community Engagement and Education plus a MS in Cognitive and Developmental Sciences. To learn more about the five-year accelerated Master’s degree program, please visit the CEED-CDS Accelerated Master’s Degree Program webpage.