Answers to Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Can I retake my Placement Test? 
A: Vist the policy on placement test retakes.

Question: Which developmental math class should I take?
A: Please consult the Math Pathways-Developmental Math website and your advisor.

Question: I want to take a class, but the section I want is full. Can I still add the class?
A: If there is a section available at another time, try to make your schedule work with that section.

Question: I was dropped from my section for prerequisites. Why? 
A: The Department of Mathematical Sciences strictly enforces prerequisites for all of its lower division courses (200-level and below) and most upper division classes. The skills you acquire in a prerequisite are necessary for success in aclass. If you have any questions about the prerequisites for a class contact one of the current undergraduate advisors. Should an exception be granted for an advanced course (occasionally instructor will waive a prerequisite) none of the course’s prerequisites can be taken for credit.

Question: What’s the quickest and easiest way to contact my instructor? 
A: In general, contacing your instructor via email will get you the quickest response. Look at our People or on your course syllabus.

Question: I’d like to get some help outside of class. Where can I go? 
A: During the Fall and Spring semesters, the Department of Mathematical Sciences offers tutoring in Golda Meier Library. Hours vary from semester to semester. Panther Academic Support Services (PASS) also offers tutoring for certain math classes.

Question: I’d like to declare a major or minor within the Department of Mathematical Sciences. Who should I talk to? 
A: Contact one of our undergraduate advisors.