Answers to Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Can I retake my Placement Test? 
A: Vist the policy on placement test retakes.

Question: Which developmental math class should I take?
A: Please consult the Math Pathways-Developmental Math website and your advisor.

Question: I want to take a class, but the section I want is full. Can I still add the class?
A: If there is a section available at another time, try to make your schedule work with that section.

Question: I was dropped from my section for prerequisites. Why? 
A: The Department of Mathematical Sciences strictly enforces prerequisites for all of its lower division courses (200-level and below) and most upper division classes. The skills you acquire in a prerequisite are necessary for success in a class. If you have any questions about the prerequisites for a class contact one of the current undergraduate advisors. Should an exception be granted for an advanced course (occasionally instructor will waive a prerequisite) none of the course’s prerequisites can be taken for credit.

Question: What’s the quickest and easiest way to contact my instructor? 
A: In general, contacting your instructor via email will get you the quickest response. Look at our People or on your course syllabus.

Question: I’d like to get some help outside of class. Where can I go? 
A: During the Fall and Spring semesters, the Department of Mathematical Sciences offers tutoring for many of our courses.

Question: I’d like to declare a major or minor within the Department of Mathematical Sciences. Who should I talk to? 
A: Contact one of our undergraduate advisors.