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The Math Pathways site does not currently contain Spring 2020 updates. In the meantime, all math placement, prerequisite, and course recommendations for the program can be found here: https://uwm.edu/math/undergraduate/resources/math-placement/

For further questions you may also contact the Mathematical Sciences Department, math-staff@uwm.edu, (414) 229-4836.











What are the goals of Math Pathways?


Address the mathematical needs of ALL students (not just those with strong math backgrounds).


Reflect the accumulated wisdom about why (and what) mathematics is important for academic and life success.


Reflect the accumulated wisdom about learning mathematics, including what is known about students as well as what it means to ‘learn’.

Math education is not about just filling your head with information or ideas. It’s the training you need to make use of information and ideas. As information breaks loose from bookstores and libraries and floods onto computers and mobile devices, having this training becomes more important, not less.

Your instructors are coaches, personal trainers in intellectual fitness. The value we add is like the value the trainer adds to the gym or the coach adds to the equipment. We provide individualized instruction in how to evaluate and make use of information and ideas, teaching you how to think for yourself.

Just as coaching requires individual attention, math education, at its core, requires one mind engaging with another, in real time: listening, understanding, correcting, modeling, suggesting, prodding, denying, affirming, and critiquing thoughts and their expression. Please explore our new Math Pathways at UWM, linked through the tabs above, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions!